Tweeting about your books?

8 months ago | AdamBolander (Member)

Do you advertise on Twitter? How? Shares some of your tweets on here.

This week's chapter of The Gray Ranger: Unforgiven is up! Kulgan, Adlis, and Za made it out of the Graylands, and straight into a trap! Whoever set it seems to know Kulgan. Are they friend? Foe? Or something more? #Read for #free on! #freebooks #webserial
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I have #books, I have a #blog, I have a #bookblog! #Read awesome books like Juryokine, The Gray Ranger, and Amber Silverblood for #free at New chapters every Saturday. #freebooks #fantasy #werewolves
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Author of The Gray Ranger, The Slayer and The Sphinx, Juryokine, Amber Silverblood, and more! Read for free on

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  1. nippoten (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    Best is to keep it casual and simple. Hashtags and bigging yourself up can be good but do it too much you sound like a corporate suit and aint nobody gonna be clicking that, chief.


  2. LadyAnder (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    I'm a terrible tweeter because I hate being thought up of as a spammer.

    I just have my wordpress connected to Twitter and when I update, it updates there and then I move on. I'll probably do a little better when Fight Song/Edict or whatever the title of that dumb novel is going to be is released. Usually I just use #amwriting, #amediting because that's all I've been doing for a year instead of posting. I suppose I could be advertising Hy'Ruh-Ha again. But I might do that leading up to the release of the next part of the Brotherhood Archive.

    A cross-genre slice=of-life, some adventure fluff fantasy stories about elves-->
  3. StarStone (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    I hate being thought of as a spammer too. I usually just tweet about my serial once a week, when I post a new chapter. I post on Fridays which helps me to choose hashtags because there are lots of good Friday ones. For example...

    It's #FriYay! Time for the exciting conclusion of chapter 18... If you're a satyr fan (who doesn't love cloven hooves?!) prepare yourself for unpleasantness. #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #webserial #fridayfeeling #fridayreads

    I also have this pinned with a fancy picture I made in Canva:

    Female-focused epic fantasy, updated weekly and free to read at my blog!

    Female-focused epic fantasy. With satyrs...
  4. StarStone (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    Looks like half the post got cut off. The rest of that last tweet was:

    Female-focused epic fantasy, updated weekly and free to read at my blog! #webserial #weblit #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #amreading #writingcommunity

    Hope that was helpful!

    Female-focused epic fantasy. With satyrs...
  5. Dary (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    I've always struggled to "do" Twitter. It feels like shouting into a noisy auditorium in the vain hope somebody hears you (and then realising the ones who do are either bots or marketing accounts...)

    Hashtags, especially, confuse me. Does anyone actually look up things like #amwriting? They just strike me as an easy method for aforementioned bots and marketing accounts to grow their audience :/

    Deus ex algorismus!

  6. nippoten (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    Spamming hashtags is easier in something like instagram. Twitter, not so much, unless you wanna look like a tool :P

  7. Joker (Member)

    Posted 8 months ago

    I don't tweet, but I just copy and paste my serial's blurb most of the time for advertising purposes.

    Mavericks - With friends like these, who needs enemies?


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