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13 years ago | Murazrai (Member)

Another curious question by me. If you are given a full day to type for your web fiction, how much you will be able to type? To me, it's usually 600-1200 words, but I'm now too distracted with video games and I ended up with 200-500 words. I just wondered, given total focus on typing, is it possible to achieve 10k words per day?

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  1. RavenProject (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    Wikipedia says the "average" computer user types at 33 words per minute.


    So 10K words would take about five hours. Totally doable in a day's work, even with distractions.

    I doubt you were asking about raw typing speed, though. :)

    On a good night, I can write four episodes which average 500 words each. An average night, one or two. (This past weekend... we won't discuss. This is why I build a big buffer. ;))


  2. Isa (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    Oh I am like the freaking Queen of stare at the screen, write nothing. I wouldn't think about it in terms of typing, because the words do not just flow like dictation. I personally gauge it more by whether I LOVE what I wrote at the end of the day. Even if that's only a sentence (and sometimes it is @_@)

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  3. NiSp (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    i'm with isa on this one.
    although when it's only one sentence, i beat myself with catholic-like guilt... and i'm not even catholic

  4. nomesque (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    Yeah, 'writing' and 'typing' vary wildly with me. Sometimes I can punch out 1000 words in a 45-minute train trip. Other times the words just aren't there in my head, or they keep jumbling as soon as I try to put them on paper.

    But then, I have the - advantage? - of working a job where I need to work left+right brain in harness a lot. It tends to chuck out creative fiction ideas in an attempt to stop me working and get onto something more fun. *lol*

  5. Frances Gonzalez (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    When I'm on a roll, I can tap out about 2,000 words that are mostly worth keeping -- the worth keeping bit is important! Most of the time though, it's tough to get two pages out.

  6. Kess (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    I tend to have two windows to write per day - on my hour-long train journeys to and from work. In those, I can get a post done per journey (usually around 1,000-1,200 words each).

    If I have a whole day? Yes, 10K is possible. It requires having a clear idea of what I'm writing and little-to-no distractions (beyond coffee breaks and the occasional cat chewing on my toe). Also? Not letting myself go back and edit makes a big difference.

    I find it draining to try to do it that way, though. I do it during NaNoWriMo, but it's not the kind of thing I can indulge in very often. I'm seldom that organised with my planning. ;)

  7. zoewhitten (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    Not having a day job, I'm at an advantage. I can stare at the screen for many hours with nothing, and then have a flurry of activity that results in 2,000-6,000 words (No, really!)

    On my best days I can finish 35-38 pages. On my worst days...well, on those days I drink a lot of cough syrup, so my memories are fuzzy on what I actually do with my time. =^P

  8. allantmichaels (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    An excellent question.

    For me, it's not necessarily about the time - it's about the inspiration. When I'm feeling it, I can hammer out between 300-800 words in under a 1/2 hour, which is usually how I do my work on update nights. For some reason, I find my chapterlets usually just naturally run out of steam in that time, which is perfect for serialization (although I do aim for the upper end).

    I usually stop myself after writing the one chapter a week I'm currently posting, though I suppose I should build up a buffer for those nights when other things come up. It just feels more organic and right to me to type up the night I post. I did just hammer out a couple chapters on a new project the other day right after the other. They totaled about 1300 words. And I'd say it took less than 45 minutes.

    So with a full day 10k is totally doable.

  9. Clare-Dragonfly (Member)

    Posted 13 years ago

    A couple of nights ago I did about 1000 words in less than 30 minutes (though not, sadly, on my serial). On my best NaNoWriMo writing days I would do a bit over 3000. I could probably do 10k in a day if I really had no distractions and also knew where the story was going.


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