Vol 1. Synopses

6 years ago | justinwenger4 (Member)

So I may have lost NaNo this year, but that's not stopping me now. These are the synopses of the first volume of my web serial. I was thinking about releasing these to build interest but I feel like I'd need some second opinions first.

001: New World

Xavier Pheus, known to his friends as X, is a a second year high school student ,who has transferred to Helicon Court, a prestigious boarding school in Ecumene City, an autonomous area off the coast of Los Angeles. After having a strange dream, X tries to put it out of his mind by exploring his city. However Alice Ios, his new guardian, seems to have other ideas.

002: 30 Days

We follow the 1st 30 Days of X and Alice’s life in Ecumene City

Side Story 1: The Phantom

On the moonlit streets of Ecumene City, the Phantom arrives to eliminate a Melanchole…. In the most entertaining way possible

003: Initiation

X and Lucas’s Friday night is interrupted when the dorm is attacked by a mysterious group.

004: Together for the 1st time

A mission goes sideways when tension rises between X and Riley

005: Cain

Tension boils between X and Riley and the 2 begin a battle.

006: Kindness

As Ecumene City descends into chaos. The team heads out to stop Cain from achieving his goals.

Sidestory 2: The Other

Meet Blake Cipher. Son of the current head of the Cipher Corporation, and the second of Ain’s Chosen, and he’s got his eyes set on X.


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  1. Tartra (Member)

    Posted 6 years ago

    Well, I can't really give you feedback on this. It's just a concept, and you haven't shown me your execution of it - the important part - for me to say it's paced properly, introduced properly, building the world clearly, or even to gauge if you're meeting the promises in 'most amusing way possible' and 'tension rises between X and Riley'. Some of the best stories out there have a dumb synopsis, and I've seen great story outlines that were serious stinkers with their end products.

    So, what opinions are you looking for with this?

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