Well. I'm in for it now!

11 years ago | ubersoft (Member)

I posted the first chapter of The Points Between today. I need to wait three weeks before actually creating an entry here on WFG, but I'm having release jitters so I'm posting.

This is an effort where I'm in waaaaaaaaay over my head. This style of storytelling feels pretty alien to me, so I'm not able to tell if something feels like it doesn't work because I'm not used to it, or if it just... doesn't... work. But if you're going to fail, fail big!

Curveball (Updating)
A Rake by Starlight (Updating)

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  1. MadHacktress (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    Failure, perhaps... but in order to succeed at all you have to have tried in the first place.

    Yes, that's lame and cliche... but it's true nonetheless.

    I will certainly give it a read.

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  2. Erin Klitzke (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    What did you set your update schedule to look like, Ubersoft?

  3. ubersoft (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    New post every Tuesday, new podcast every Wednesday.

    Curveball (Updating)
    A Rake by Starlight (Updating)


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