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  1. Janoda (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago


    Hey NiSp, could you give me some details on those Stumbleupon stats?
    I would like to see how long it took from me adding your site to the stumble-slush before it got picked up. Also, what was the quality of the views? Did some stay and click around at least, or did most just click away?
    And how much traffic are you getting now, after the initial spike?

    Edit: I think entrecard might be a good traffic source too, the Blogfiction blog posted an interesting article about it a while ago:

  2. NiSp (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    on 1st feb i got 170 hits from stumbleupon, which for me is a huge spike. only 15 other visits that day.
    since then, i have had another 20 hits from stumble, spread out in single figs over the two weeks since.
    bounce rate is high at 79% and av time on site is just over 1 minute.

    i'm not too dismayed however, for a few reasons, and still believe this to be an under-utilised resource for web writers.

  3. Janoda (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    I thought as much.
    Stumble upon should be used as a service to convince people who aren't reading online that online reading is great :)

    I've put everything in the category Books, but in there is everything from pictures of libraries, how to create invisable shelves, and the Hitchhikers Guide books (illegal btw I think).
    I really think there should be a reading category, but for now we'll have to stand out between all the other stuff, which means a lot of people will stumble on your page looking for something entirely different...

  4. Miladysa (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    @janoda "which means a lot of people will stumble on your page looking for something entirely different... "

    That makes sense :D The first referral I can remember from Stumble was when someone was searching for 'dead' and 'porn' + another keyword. I thought how the heck have they arrived here? LOL

  5. Janoda (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    That hasn't as much to do with the category as with the tag. When you say in the discovery panel that something has mature content it is automaticly tagged porn. You have to delete this tag manually, and sometimes that slippes my mind, and I only do it a couple of days later.Which causes strange effects.

  6. Miladysa (Member)

    Posted 11 years ago

    @Janoda The good thing is that thanks to you I discovered Stumble and I intend to stumble some sites soon.

    I was really pleased that you had stumbled Refuge of Delayed Souls - many thanks :D


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