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3 years ago | sunflowerofice (Member)

I'm fairly new to this writing a web novel thing. *weekly started the last Saturday of last year* and well after i got verified here I actually seem to be noticed and I am just trying to figure out what stats i should pay close attention to. My first thought right now is how many views my newest post gets (up to 15 posts plus one bonus post) but at the same time I am not sure.

Also I do notice views, viewers, should i average them? Should i pay attention to days of the week?

I know followers is easy enough to understand though what that means. I am just wondering if there are any stats i should pay especially close attention to or if there are some that aren't as big a deal as they might seem.

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  1. Rhodeworks (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    Wordpress should provide averages and such for you.

    Here are my random thoughts on stats. These really aren't based on anything other than observations and idle thoughts.

    1. Page views in the first 24 hours of an upload reflect the number of readers who are most engaged. Within the first week, readers who are remembering to check your serial each week. Within the month of upload, that's probably all of your active readers.
    2. A lot of readers, regardless of content, will view the first page and nothing else. I think the average for most serials for people clicking from first page to second is, like, 20-33%
    3. I don't think paying attention to days of the week would do much. My update days tend to be higher than other days in the week, but not always.
    4. Lots of people don't use the Follow feature whatsoever.
    5. I don't know if people who get the updates by email count towards daily views. My assumption is that they do not.
    6. Monthly views and visitors is probably the best to consider in regards to evidence of growth.
    7. Don't pay too much attention to stats because they'll drive you mad.

  2. sunflowerofice (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    That all makes complete sense. figured the newest one would be the one to give me the biggest idea of the fanbase so to speak and well the first one would be the least worth thinking about. Beyond that I wasn't sure.

    I do know I like comments though >< I mean to me if someone takes the time to write about what I did that means a lot to me. Unless its a spam bot...... never a spam bot.

  3. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    Just a few remarks, mostly confirming what Rhodewords said...

    -Those who subscribe and get email updates don't add to the view count. A guy had to remind me once when I was sighing about less than 10 views on an update that he'd received it but didn't click through to the site.
    -Spam bots also don't count towards view counts (at least with Wordpress). I've had zero view days where I still receive spams.
    -Days/Times of the week is probably only useful if you're thinking of changing your update schedule. Monthly's the way to go (as stated) to smooth out the individual fluctuations.
    -"Referrer" may be a useful tool as well. Sometimes it's simply the social media where you post your updates, or the WFG site, but if your story page has been linked elsewhere, you could get another sense of your audience that way. There's an old forum post on RoyalRoadLegends where someone linked me, and I still get the occasional hit years later; I ended up posting the story on RRL too (granted I think it only got me a couple additional readers).

    Also, don't believe the hype that as long as you keep posting regularly and list yourself places you'll no longer have zero view days. I've been running over four years with close to 300 posts (across several stories, mind) and I still get days with no traffic.

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  4. sunflowerofice (Member)

    Posted 3 years ago

    At this point, the most viewed day and most viewed time of day keep changing. Right now it is Thursday it was Tuesday and it was also Wednesday before that. I will say though I had many no view days before it got put on web fiction review and such. Now it doesn't seem like it compared to before.

    If I am honest I am very proud of myself for starting this and keeping it going. I was worried, and still am, about messing up and being hated but you can edit a bad story, but you can't edit a blank page.


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