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  1. SgL (Member)

    Posted 7 years ago

    Posting more stats.

    * Overall reads (sum total of all installment reads): 24,008 [Not sure if this includes reads for a deleted preamble]
    * First chapter read: 2853
    * Third to last installment: 150
    * Second to last installment: 124 reads
    * Last installment (updated Monday at 12amish): 51 reads

    More or less, I think what is happening now is that the majority of reads are from the long-tail of people working through the story. (More installments does result in larger stats unintentionally.) In 3 months it appears I have actually only added 500 or so people on the front end and the consistent readership has grown marginally -- probably around 120-150 now.

  2. A. M. Harte (Moderator)

    Posted 7 years ago

    I tried Wattpad ages ago -- well, by tried I mean I posted the first few chapters of my serials and then linked to my main site to try pull readers over...

    I was appalled by the mobile phone app, and didn't really bother to interact with the community. Hence, no success. But I barely tried, so it's my own fault.

    I have thought of trying it again one day. We'll see!

    (ps new Webfiction World podcast coming soon...)

    Qazyfiction: fantasy fiction with a sinister edge.
  3. SgL (Member)

    Posted 7 years ago

    I tried that approach but it's too inconvenient for people I believe. It's a very "instant" sort of audience with Wattpad ... I think it's fair to say that some will not be extra motivated to go from Wattpad, back to a browser/computer, type in a URL to read. (And as a big user of the mobile app, I speak from personal experience. Definitely have other content I could view instead of trying to fumble with my phone and terrible finger-typing skills! :) )

    The mobile phone app is a work in progress. Currently am in the beta group for the iPhone app. It's pretty good, although I did notice the vote function is buggy on that app...

  4. SgL (Member)

    Posted 7 years ago

    FYI, Tuesdayserial asked for folks to blog about Wattpad, so I submitted something to them. It was posted yesterday (not my title, I swear ;) ) at .

    It's been two weeks I think since I drafted the guest post and my friend's stats are now up at
    175k (total reads) = approx 16k first chapter reads and 6k last chapter reads. That's a pretty interesting statistic... not quite half but a respectable rate of completion. (She moved off the front page of features so her growth is less dramatic, but for fantasy, pretty good.)

    My readership also continues to make some small incremental increases.
    Latest installment 115
    Second last 163
    Third to last 217

    No comparable stats for google analytics for website as I did a WP theme upgrade and forgot to recopy tracking code in.

    Oh, and got a Droid tablet and HATE the reader for it. Ugh. Iphone version is definitely more convenient.


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