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5 years ago | Tintenteufel (Member)


I've been wondering how you handle spam?
I mean...there are Anti-Spam Plugins, obviously. But how do they keep finding me? Isn't there some way to minimize exposure to spam bots? Do they just crawl the social media and latch onto every link they can find?
Because I was posting a link on twitter at about 9 PM, after that the biggest wave started. Around 18 o'clock I changed a few links to lead directly to the story blog, not hidden behind text or anything.
The spam bots do not show up in my google analytics, luckily, so I can't look into where they come from.

I'm a bit concerned because for the last six months I got no spam whatsoever. Now it's blowing up with about twenty comments just this past fifteen minutes. Obviously that can't be good for SEO and/or bandwith usage.
And it's a bit disheartening to get only spam. :(

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  1. mathtans (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    The sudden surge is a bit peculiar. Are these actual comments you had to delete, or were they all caught by an Anti-Spam (likely Akismet if you have WordPress)? I don't think I've ever had to manually delete anything on WP, and it only comes up for me maybe four times a year on my other sites... and as you say, it doesn't show up in analytics. (I don't know about bandwidth.) Of course, I've never had a month of 400 views or more, so maybe it's a hazard of popularity.

    On another thread somewhere, I mumbled about how I had more "spam" comments over the history of my site than "actual" comments, and someone (I think Jim) said that my spam ratio was pretty much on par with his. Maybe your six months of none was the peculiarity? There might also be something about certain posts, because whenever Akismet flags something it's unsure of, 90% of the time it's on my post "Tour de Force", which has no comments and less than 30 views. Damned if I know why it keeps getting targeted though, so that's not much help.

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  2. Tintenteufel (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    Yes, the anti-spam is catching all of the spam. It just makes me curious why they only now decide to target me. Popularity is not the reason, of that I'm fairly sure. Have had maybe 400 views total. Yet there have been more than 4000 Spam comments in the last 60 hours or so, which...just freaks me out a bit.
    Though maybe the pecularity really was not getting any spam before that.

    Blut und Rost - German Webserial about the horror that is human interaction
  3. TanaNari (Member)

    Posted 5 years ago

    I have strangely enough gotten more death threats than spam. This amuses me.

    Maybe it's something to do with your provider? Does Wordpress have a really good anti-spam system I am unaware of? My story's pretty active, staying in the top 15 pretty consistently on TWF, hundreds of visitors, often over a thousand views, per day... it seems if popularity was a factor, I should be seeing more.

    Does your story feature keywords that might attract spambots? They like commonly searched for terms, especially of the pornographic variety.

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  4. Jim Zoetewey (Moderator)

    Posted 5 years ago

    It may be a question of who links to you or what words are used, I don't know. Here's what I do know:

    During the last seven months, the amount of comment spam sent to my story went down to slightly over 1000/month or lower. Last month, when my story appeared on Drew's website and he linked to me, the amount of spam jumped upward to 52,000. This month so far (ten days in) it's around 22,000 spam comments. Previous to seven months ago, the amount of spam grew slowly as my story became better known. I've no idea why the comment spam dropped for a while.

    My theory is that it's got something to do with spammers following links or possibly some site's ranking of your prominence. Whatever it is, I seem to get more spam the more pageviews I get.


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