ZOMG! I just found where the readers hang out!

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  1. nomesque (Member)

    Posted 12 years ago

    Eh, this isn't really webfiction. It's for people wanting FINISHED stories, i.e. novels, short stories, and the like that are ebooks. Just browse through the forums and you'll it plain as day. This is just another wrong turn down Optimism Lane.

    See, we're all still GUESSING that they'd like webfiction, and we're HOPING that there's some people that like both who hang out there, but there's no hard data that supports it. It's not even probable. It's another maybe.

    Huh? Are you aware that the first post in this thread was made 5 months ago? Has it occurred to you that perhaps some of the people on THIS forum might have been participating on THAT forum for months, and have something more than guesses and hopes to go on?

    And are you seriously telling me that you can't imagine any writer of serial fiction eventually finishing a serial and turning into an ebook (or five), and hence finding an ebook-readers' forum a useful resource? *boggle*


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