1889 Labs is looking for Flash Fiction Stories!

1889 Labs has now revamped their website and includes an e-zine and even serialized fiction. We've begun a 'Fiction Friday' event where each week we'll post flash fiction stories by authors; sort of an homage to Friday Flash. Anyone interested can email me ([email protected]), or for further information, visit the 1889 Labs website @ http://1889.ca !

What is flash fiction? Does it involve using Adobe flash, or something else?

The definition might have changed since I was in high school, but the last I knew, flash fiction was SUPER SUPER short fiction. I think the single flash fiction piece I wrote was 100 words, maybe?

Ah. Oh well. I seem to be unable to write short things at the moment...

Payment? Yes? No? :)

The flash fiction we're looking for should be no more than a thousand words in length, but it can be as short as five hundred. If it's awesome, we'll take it.

Unfortunately, no -- this isn't a paying gig, though we'd be happy to plug your other works upon publishing your story on the site.

Oh, and to add, the story doesn't have to be something brand new. If you have flash fiction stories you've made in the past, you can submit them as well. We are not asking for exclusivity. :)