2012 in Review

I try to do a yearly retrospective of things I did in order to help me make plans for next year. And since was the first year I made "real money," I spent a lot of time digging up everything I did in 2012! Here's my list:


If you did a retrospective of your 2012, I'd love to read it! :)

My brain doesn't wanna wrap around what I did this year yet. I will probably do a post about it on December 30, though.

Your year sounds quite magnificent, though. I think it's an object lesson in how much of a foundation we have to build before we can really start to blossom.


When I think back on the past year mostly I get tired. :-)

In 2011 I started The Points Between. It's a great experience, but it is literally the most difficult thing I've ever tried to write, and I'm not making it any easier by writing it in serial form. So this year was mostly me struggling through that while trying to manage other things: upgrading the site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 (which was excruciating), joining a writing group (which is a little bit exhausting), continuing the comic, going to my day job, spending time with my daughter...

... on top of that, I started Curveball. I pretty much had to, because if all I did was write The Points Between I'd go crazy. But I'd only intended Curveball to be a side project, and what did I do? I got sucked into the idea of publishing it "like a comic book," monthly, with a cover and everything.

Meanwhile, I started to spend more on all the fiction stuff, paying for an artist to produce cover art, working on trade paperbacks, that sort of thing. And so taxes are starting to get more complicated. To help with that, this June I started a single-member LLC (Eviscerati Communications LLC) to act as my publishing company, so that it will be easier to keep my publishing finances separate from everything else.

MEANWHILE I've been trying to rework all my podcasts so that I can submit them to podiobooks. Podiobooks is supposed to be a pretty great way to attract an extra audience. I was hoping to start that last year, but I screwed up the recording process and lost a lot of work. I don't really have anything to show for that yet, but that's why I haven't been posting podcasts of Curveball like I have with The Points Between.

MEANWHILE I'm trying to figure out if it's worth my time to go to more cons and set up a booth. Every year I go to What the Hell?!? Con in Greensboro, but that's more of a vacation than anything else, and that's mostly because of my webcomic.

And through all that my publication schedule has been seriously disrupted. At this point last year I expected to be finished with The Points Between -- I just got started on Act Two. Sigh.

MCA is actually doing more than I am, but I'm tired anyway...

My development thus far isn't nearly so enterprising, since I've been focusing primarily on Worm, but in my 2012...

I started taking donations for my writing.

I've gone from getting roughly 8,500 hits a month to getting 58,000

I did a special event for my story's one year anniversary, writing 47,000 words in a week.

Joined a writer's circle. This is more a 'real life' thing than a writing one, but it may mark the first time that I'm getting out there and interacting with others who love doing what they're doing to the same extent that I do (more than on a superficial level, that is, like hanging out with others who like video games or good TV shows).

Wrote roughly 600,000 more words of story.

Hm. I just tallied my wordcount for the year -- my metric was "words I published" instead of "words I wrote" so my NaNoWriMo effort won't be counted. Only about 85,000 words... which is disappointing. It feels like it should be more. I'm going to have to step up my game to compete at MCA and Wildbow's level! :-)

... actually I will have to clone myself three or four times to compete at Wildbow's level. But I'm going to ignore that because it interferes with my thesis.

Wow you guys are mega productive! I love it!

hmm... I will do an end-of-the-year post with my next Rema update, but phoo-boy... yeah dunno how to summarize. If I was honest about my feelings of last year, they would be a mix of F--- YOU 2012 and please gods of whatever that's influencing the events in my life, let the testing be over! My sister-in-law was the victim of a double homicide, my grandfather-in-law died the same week my husband got out of the hospital for a life-threatening case of bacterial meningitis (of which he is still slowly recovering from, memory-wise), my mother had a liver transplant for liver cancer, and somewhere in there I had my daughter and son. I mean, this is more like events from the last couple of years, but it feels like one long damn year in my head and I'm so ready for all the insanity to be over.

Somehow I managed to write two novels while my children napped and played with grandma. One novel (Rema) I'd rewritten seven times over and the other one was 50% illustrated before I decided to turn it into a graphic novel. I already have been published as a graphic novelist, but it was such a traumatic experience that I grew bitter about the medium of comics and ran away to prose where I could regroup. I'm finally seeing the long end to my stay in my self-made writer's cave, and it all coincides with a new year. I can't be more excited about my comics and my prose. I have so many stories to tell and I just set myself up with a good babysitter so I can work. My reproductive days are over, and everything else from here on out is all about watering the grass I have growing already.

So, to 2013, I say BRING IT. I can't wait.

This is amazing. So interesting to see someone make a living from weblit -> epub, and also enlightening to see the level of activity required! Congrats!

I will probably do an end of the year round up, but since I am shocking at the business of writing (this has been a key learning of 2012 - need to get better at that) it'll probably end up just being a list of everything I wrote. Which is good, but as we all know, is really not enough.

Here is the non-TMI version of my year in review: http://felaxx.blogspot.com/2012/12/2012.html Not useful at all for anyone, unlike your post MCA! But still I was compelled to share. Anyone else have a year-in-review?

And Happy New Year guys! Let's keep this community going in the years ahead. <3

This isn't analyzed (yet) but I'm starting to pull stats off my last year in Analytics. Big caution - I lost July for some reason (during a template change in which I didn't realize I lost my tracking codes), so everything is borked in terms of overall visits:


Sorry - I wanted to edit my previous post but don't think I can.

Overall I learned a lot about the craft this year (outside of the fanfiction realm) .

After looking at my stats - it's not all bad news, but not all good news.

My goal when I started a few years ago was to see if I could get to 1000 readers by the time I finished this serial. I picked this arbitrarily because of a few webcomic /webfic author posts on "what it takes to live off your work."

I think I may have increased my readership this year (some chapters earlier in the year have 500+ unique reads) but I'm not sure what my margin of error is. Analytics is a little bit easily tricked by repeat visitors. That said, people are there, so that's kind of reassuring . It's hard to be a storyteller without a circle... and at least I think I was justified in stopping my whole art convention thing for writing. This is important to me since so many of my friends have come from this art thing and to stop going to conventions actually feels like a bit of a "hey I don't want to hang out" sometimes to them. Writing is one of the most isolated pursuits I could have chosen and I feel guilt about spending a lot of time writing if I had no one listening.

One serious worry for me this year was the impact of two major breaks (vacations that were fabulous and I don't regret) on my footing with the readers. My active commentors admittedly don't do social networks (I've asked) so trying to encourage them to keep up via RSS feeds, Twitter, FB, tumblr is not very successful. (If you look at the spreadsheet with networks, you'll see it's a very small source of traffic.)

I've noticed slower "catching up" behavior this year. I will have to make sure that when this volume wraps up and I start the next, I try hard to create and maintain a buffer (even if it means I don't relaunch until late 2013).

It didn't help that I wasn't keeping on top of small social media issues -- particularly the changes in Facebook fan page promotion and Twitter/Facebook not playing nicely. I apparently screwed up notifications for at least a month or more.

Wattpad has not increased gangbusters for me, but if you look at the spreadsheet, I feel confident that I have about a hundred readers or so still hanging in there. (So I consider this good news or at least justification for hanging in there with them!)

In any case, was hoping to wrap the story volume at 2012's end but looks like I have a new 2013 resolution to make >_<

Let's see: What did I do in 2012?

--Continued to write Legion of Nothing, adding somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 words.

--Also, revised and published the first Legion of Nothing book (with Anna of 1889 Labs editing it).

That's about all.