250K mark reached

I just did some quick calculations and it would appear I've hit the 250,000 word mark of posted stories. That it something in the range of 700-800 word novel.

Of that, around 72,000 is from my epic Fantasy serial, Echo of the Ages. The rest - roughly 180,000 worth - is split between 26 stories that make up my Tales From a Thousand Worlds short fiction collection.

I hadn't realised I'd done that much until I counted. Its a good start but I've a long way to go to catch up to Wildbow :)

Hey, congrats. It's amazing how it all adds up over time. How long did it take?

I've been posting for about a year now but a lot of that was written previously.


*checks published words*

*only 185k*

*resolves to write more*

Nice one! That's a good solid milestone.

Haha, not if you divide by the number of years I've been publishing.

Edit: Just realized that "nice one" might not be meant for me.

Haha, yes it was meant for Qorvus!

Still, I just looked at your link and it looks like you've been going for 3 years. That's pretty awesome too!

Haha, I write as slowly as possible while still not being assigned to the inactive category.

It's a marathon, not a sprint! ;) That's what I always tell myself anyway.