$500 contest for TLOTV

Id like to hold a small and short contest for WFG writers. I would like a short story (under 2,000 words) that involves one or more of the characters in TLOTV. Contest will be open until January 9th. I will pick the winner. It can be back-story, an aside to what's happened already, or a whole new chapter. The winner will receive $500.

all submissions should be sent to [email protected] in .doc or PDF format and the winner will be announced on January 11th. This is open to all, including editors.

IMPORTANT NOTE - do not place your name anywhere on the document. Once I decide on the winner blindly, i will correlate to the cover e-mail and contact the winner. This contest is open only to WFG members.

The winning entry will be posted on my web-site but all rights remain with the author.

I'm in.

What is your definition of a "WFG member"? I participate in the forums, but never did an actual review. Would that be considered a member?

Good luck with the competition!

I'm sure you will have some great entries :D

@DustinM; to me, anyone who has a story with WFG or participates in the forums is a member. So you are welcome.

Please note that this contest is not endorsed by WFG or any of its editors.

Well, then. I seem to be a part of the only millionaire's club that write web fiction, as only a few seem interested. On the other hand, there WILL be a winner, even if there is only one entry...

Eh, deadline's not til the 9th. In my experience, we web authors tend to be a procrastinating bunch. I know I plan to send something in.

Are we supposed to be registering our interest here? I plan to write something, and have an idea. Haven't started writing yet though. I probably should as my boyfriend is going to be here for most of the time between now and the deadline... Any particular time on the 9th you want it by?

Any time until midnight on the 9th is acceptable. And yes, I forgot we were all procrastinators.

$500? $500?!!?!

I am... somewhat... interested.

Question: Can we put our names on the cover emails, or are you going to correlate through blind addresses? Forgive my asking, but I almost entirely lack common sense.

Also- must come up with story idea...

PLEASE put your names on the cover emails. That is the only way I'll be able to tell

after deciding on a winner. By the way, I have decided to make it *$500 first $300 Second, and $100 Third*. I understand that writers barely have enough time to do their own stuff, so at least you have a good chance of winning something.

Ooh, more prizes?! Awesome! I've gotten started so I'll definitely have something to submit. This is fun, it's been a long time since I've written any fanfiction.

One submission in. Who else wants to yell "Show me the money!"? I must say, if the first submission is any example, people better bring their "A" game to be competitive!

I'm working on something for ya. Hang in there.


2 days left

to submit... That is, if you ain't too chicken.

Is that midnight Eastern or Pacific Standard time?

We'll make it Pacific time, for all you left-coasters.

Why debate reviews when you can make money writing????

Last day to enter TLOTV contest!


In my case because I have only been able to write a measly three paragraphs these past two days! Writers block has arrived with the end of the Christmas and New Year festivities :(

Editing it tonight and sending it in...