A funny thing happened on the way to the forums

Don't worry, I can change it back if you all hate it. Let me know what you think. :-)

*wibble* How to freak out a woman who just woke up - make the forum look different pre- and post-coffee!!!

Glad I could make your day interesting. ;-)

I love it! Even though pressing refresh was a little scary :D

First thought: Holy shit... it's GOT COLORS.

I like it!

I've softened it up a bit from the original version I posted.

This is great!

It looks nice. I was just thinking this morning how the forums needed to change to reflect the site overhaul.

Now I'm thinking about how awesome it would be if someone paid off my student loans for me.


Let me know how that works out for you. ;-)

*eeek!* oh, it's you again, phew. thought my laptop was being vindictive. just woke up from nightmares filled with sword-wielding green stripes with subtitles in arial... now i need more tea!

somehow the colour looks better here :) honestly though i liked the forum looking the way it did - comfort zone i guess. but i can get used to this. at a glance the only thing really niggling me is the left/right thing. can we swop the columns back again?

'Fraid not. It's the way the theme is designed. :-(

and as i mentioned in the other thread, _thelighthouse keeps bleeding all over the posts... anyone else object? can someone make her stop? hehe

and another thing while i'm gathering momentum: can we have the page tabs at the top as well, like before?

i'm going to my garden now.

I love the new forum design Chris :)

took me a few moments to locate the latest threads, but even pre-caffeine injection, the forum looks great. good job, chris!

It's better than what it was if only because I can see links now XD

I agree with Dary: links are spotted way more easily. And I like the general look of it better too, in any case. Great job! :)

lol @ dary

Well, I can't take any credit -- I barely touched the theme I got. :-)

Anyway, the forums software has been upgraded to the latest version, so I figured I would take the opportunity to get rid of the green. Let me know if you find anything that doesn't seem right.


I like the forum directory being placed on top now instead of on the bottom. Everything in general just seems clearer. Good work. :)

I have one small formatting quibble, which is that if I'm viewing in IE with the History bar pinned to the left margin, then any text on the far right gets cut off - scrolling to the right just reveals a white space. Not an overwhelming problem, more of an Internet Explorer glitch.