A hearty thanks to Palladian

Oh hey, there are actually forums for this site. And this site actually exists, now that I think about it. Wow, I'm bad at being on the internet.

Joking aside (for now), I thought I'd use this space to give thanks to you for giving I Hraet You a good review. Four stars? I'm not just thankful for that, I'm outright ecstatic. It's good to know I managed to do something right. Granted I know I've got plenty of work ahead of me -- I admit that I'm not satisfied with my writing technique as-is -- but I'm not about to give up anytime soon. There's a battle to be won, and a story to get done.

So yeah, you've really made my day...and arguably, my month. Seeing your review made me want to fight that much harder to make I Hraet You into something really special. Hopefully someday it'll light a fire inside people the way you've lit a fire inside me.

...I should probably see a doctor about that. Or alternatively, the local fire department.

Hi! I'm so glad you liked the review, and I was very glad that you gave me something fun to read to cause it. I'm even happier that my review inspired you, because I think passing the torch of inspiration along is something that's important for every writer to do. Sometimes lighting fires isn't all bad...


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