A little math, a little armageddon...

I did a little math this evening and based on my current publishing schedule, I will post the final chapter of Pay Me, Bug! on October 20, 2011. Of course, October 21, 2011 is when Harold Camping predicts the world is going to end.

There must be an angle here. If only I could find it!

Finish the last post with:

"Stay tuned. We'll be right back after the apocalypse."

Most of the recent apocalypses have been a little bit disappointing, after all.

I'm toying with a banner ad that says "Story ends October 20. World ends October 21. Catch up now before it's too late."

Problem is, readers might be expecting the story to be ABOUT armageddon, which it isn't. Still. It's tempting.

Oh, the irony...

I think you're right, though. That banner ad would be pretty misleading, but it might draw you a few more readers.

So I gave it a go. This is running for the next five days at Sluggy.com:


(assuming I haven't been outbid it's the ad at the top of the page)

I am getting click-throughs so far. Not sure if they'll stay, but it'll be an interesting experiment nonetheless.

I like the ad design!

Thanks. I have another ad with the same basic design, only the tagline is "Never Bet Against Your Captain."

Well. I don't know if it's the catchiness of the ad or if its that sluggy freelance fans are a good target audience for me, but over the last two days my site traffic has increased by about 500%. The real test will be to see if I retain any of that audience... still!

It could be both. I just started experimenting with Project Wonderful ads yesterday...and my traffic's picked up a little bit.

Good luck with yours! The major increase is fantastic.