A milestone, of sorts

Today is Charles Williams' birthday. It's also the day, one year ago, when I started posting The Points Between online. Today I'm at chapter 24, up to about 58,000 words, and I've only just started part two. This thing may very well drive me insane.

It's fun though. And I don't think I could have pushed through it if I hadn't discovered the serial/webfic community and this site. So thanks! You all had a hand in it, whether you like it or not. ;-)

Which Charles Williams? Because I had a great-great grandfather who helped build a town and had world-champion horses named that.

Charles Williams the Inkling:


You might actually like some of his stuff, based on some of your stuff. His writing was considered a bit old fashioned even for his day, though.

I grew up with C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, hadn't really thought of the Inklings past that -- thanks ubersoft, his blend of theology, fantasy and contemporary settings does kind of remind me of me. Which is weird, because I had a lot in common with my great-great-grandfather too, according to his biography, which was kind of unexpected.