A new serial from your favorite Antlers, CO author!

IT'S BEEN A WHILE, GUYS! Seven months, in fact, since the Antlers postmortem went up on the site. And I'm pleased to announce that I have a brand spanking new serial, a collaboration with a friend (who's not on WFG yet, give her time), a gay, post-apocalyptic Western road trip drama that starts on January 5th! The site is already up, complete with character bios to get you all excited for the first update this Friday, and you can find it at http://prairiesongserial.com/!

I'm excited for a lot of what Alyssa and I are bringing to the table with this one (including but not limited to: motorcycle chases, shoot-outs, mutants, and apocalyptic death cults). I hope y'all follow and enjoy it as much as you liked Antlers, even though it's a little different genre-wise!

A 'gay, post-apocalyptic Western road trip drama'. Well okay then! I like the art. I look forward to knowing more when it gets up and running.