A Sentence

I'm not claiming this is brilliant or even necessarily good, but I'm happy to have written this line:

I'll claim its brilliant! Half of me hopes to never know the context of this, but I am far too curious...

It does the best thing that a sentence can do -- it makes you want to read the next sentence.

I once heard somewhere that no one starts a sentence with damnit. I'm glad to see this "nugget of wisdom" debunked once more.

Jim, if it helps, I made the mistake of reading that update at work, choked on my soda while laughing, and got stares from coworkers. I thought it was fucking Brilliant! :insert Ron Weasley:

Revfitz, have you tried Legion of Nothing? its one of the salty old men of the serial community, and well worth the read. I've used it to get probably a dozen comic friends into reading web serials.

@BGhilton sadly, it was a cliffhanger of a sentence, ending an update. so it does double duty, it makes you want that next update faster!


I have only read the first chapter (back when I did my challenge), but it is on my reading list! I might have to bump it up to the top...

It does have an of absurdist charm to it.