A Site Layout Designed For Web Serials

I'm planning a web serial myself and I'm reading a few and I've noticed something - hosting serials on blogging sites seems, well, less than ideal. I know some things about web design and web programming.

I was wondering, would there be any interest in a site package (I guess) geared at web serials? I'm still tossing ideas around, but two options are sites written in Jekyll, updatable via Prose.io and GitHub (don't worry, it's fairly user-friendly to use Prose.io and GitHub for content management) and a dedicated WordPress theme.

I'm leaning towards the former, since I know Jekyll far better than WordPress (and I prefer static websites), but Jekyll requires some set-up. Would it be reasonable to offer this as an "I go in and set up your website and get everything ready for you to update" sort of deal (offer it as pay-what-you-can/want) or would it be better to just bite the bullet and put up with WordPress?

For benefits of using Jekyll over WordPress, there's this article: http://www.sitepoint.com/wordpress-vs-jekyll-might-want-make-switch/

This seems like a cool thing that I think people would appreciate. From my own POV, wordpress does what I want to, and looks decent enough, but I've been using wordpress for almost ten years now, and maybe I've just learned to cludge it to more or less approximate what I want. Wordpress is also free. I would love to see what an implementation of this looks like, however. Maybe then I'd have a stronger opinion. It wouldn't hurt to try it.

I guess, given that everyone's hosting is going to be different and that'd complicate things, I could also just straight-up offer reseller hosting to web serial authors, with all the necessary infrastructure already in place, but I'm not sure how attractive that option is.

I'm also, frankly, not sure what to charge for something like that. 8V

Weebly is a neat alternative too. VERY different from wordpress (it's like switching from PC to Apple) but I'm finding I like it quite a bit.

Isaac, if you could offer a host that hits all the things we talked about in the recent thread about dream host, id drop 10 a month on it.

Alexander: the big obstacles I'm running into there are community, review capability and the comprehensive feed. Community and feed would be very hard to do on Jekyll, I think, which is my preferred CMS platform right now (I suppose I'd have to install a separate forum and I've got no idea how feeds and automated e-mails and suchlike work --- not yet). Review capability could be easily solved, I think, with some extensive tinkering and plugins.

The solution I have right now for Jekyll comments is, uh, a bit crude. I'd have to do some work on it to improve it, were I to use Jekyll.

Otherwise, Jekyll isn't that arduous to learn and I think I could provide solutions to both control freaks and people who want someone else to do all the heavy website lifting for them.

Mostly, what I'd be offering, were I to do this with Jekyll, would be:

- a site to post your serial on, with moderated or potentially unmoderated comments (if I work out how to automate the comment-posting hacky solution I'm using for Jekyll right now) and 2GB of disk space

- site design, tailored to you and your serial

- a central community hub, optionally with a review section

- editorial services from myself and potentially other editors

The VPS hosting I'm looking at right now would cost me around $400 a year.

Well, I had a discussion with two backend developers and after getting some advice, I think I'll be using Django rather than Jekyll to make this hypothetical hub site service.

I'm going to post a new thread, since the topic has outgrown the old title.