A Thousand Thanks to Psycho Gecko!

Just wanted to drop in quickly to say a big thank you to Psycho Gecko. Thank you for spending the time to read my story, and giving such a thoughtful review. I really do appreciate it (and your sparkling comments on my chapters, which I'm looking forward to reading every word of this coming weekend), especially your effort in bringing out the things that make the story different from a lot of other superhero stories. I remember that when I originally sat down to write this one, I expected it to be a lot more traditional as far as a lot of things, but following my characters' lead caused me to write something much different, something I that I think will be rewarding to readers who are interested in a mystery/suspense story that builds over time. Thanks as well for the constructive criticism, since I am always looking to improve what I do, and your caveats to potential readers, since you bring up good points for people to know. : )


Super: Sci-fi/Suspense/Adventure, with Superheroes

Well, I'd got all caught up and noticed the reviews weren't very recent, at least as far as your stuff went. You're welcome, Palladian. I can be a sucker for a mystery.

I've noticed that sometimes characters lead the story in very different directions. I think it's fun when they do, because it feels good to write a character who is complete enough to defy your own plans.

Then again, my opinion on that may change if I ever have kids.

I always told myself that I wanted stubborn, intelligent kids who would go their own way, have a curiosity about the world, and not take shit from anyone, including me.

and I got it... and damn... I was NOT this much of a hardass as a kid. It' ROUGH. (but damn, they make me proud when they call me on my bullshit or refuse to give up on something. )

I've been meaning to write an updated review of Super for awhile...I still will but I was glad to see PG's. It put in words some of the things I'd been thinking about too.

Vegan meals are a plus for me though ;-) And Lex's love of various types of tea...