a total of 821 yuan.

's daughter pure stay in Wuhan medical treatment due to foot and mouth disease. In hospital issued July 11, hospitalized on the list, Ms Aw was found that the total cost as high as more than 3900 yuan, including two bottles of gamma globulin for 1,?????,200 yuan. Ms Wu's daughter and injection needle. After verification, the hospital refund. However,mulberry outlet, Ms Aw puzzled daughter is only 3 years old, why do you want to check hepatitis B,mulberry sale, hepatitis C, syphilis and HIV Whether the relationship between the examination and treatment of hand,????? ???, foot and mouth disease Ms Wu to the hospital to seek explanation, hospital hereinafter referred to as "the condition of patients. Ms Wu that the hospital interpretation is untenable,?????????, and resort to the newspaper. Yesterday morning,??????, the reporter arrived at the Wuhan East Lake in Wuhan City,????? ??, medical treatment centers. The hospital responsible person, will communicate with the patient as soon as possible. The afternoon,???? ??????, the hospital staff to call the reporter explained that, indeed for investigation of hepatitis B,??? ?????, hepatitis C, syphilis and HIV, the disease needs. July 11, doctors had planned to use the gamma globulin treatment,????, but in the end did not use due to the improvement of the disease. Gamma globulin is a blood products, hospital check before injection of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, HIV to avoid disputes patients day troubles related diseases. However, the provincial Food and Drug Administration official said, before each blood sample made of blood products, will eliminate all kinds of viruses, syphilis, HIV infection due to injection of blood products and therefore impossible. The the reporters afterwards contact a number of hospitals,mulberry outlet uk, these hospitals are no special reason, before the injection of blood products, no need to check the infectious disease. Ended before reporters of press, the hospital has been refunded patients there suspect intended the inspection fees,????? ?????, a total of 821 yuan.</p><p>

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