About Jukepop

So, I decided that, even though I know my work isn't up to par with anything on there, just for kicks, I want to submit a serial I'm working on to Jukepop. I've not gotten around to reading anything on there, so I just had a few questions:

1. How long should the chapters be? Would 1,000-2,500 be appropriate, or should I go longer/shorter?

2. How many chapters should I have done before I submit? I usually work on things until I have around two weeks' worth done, (around 2 chapters) before posting them, but should I have more for Jukepop?

3. How do covers work? Do they have a bank of photos/etc. that you are required to choose from, or do you supply your own? (I ask because I have several friends that are amazing artists, and I would like to use their stuff for the cover)

4. Do they really help your serial that much with getting new readers, or is it still the same as with a Wordpress site? Because on the 0.00000000001% chance I actually get accepted, I would like to know how much work I'll have to put into marketing.

1. they suggest chapters between 750-2,500 words. I would keep mine between 900-1500, personally, but several of the authors go longer. Really, it's whichever you're most comfortable with. For me, my magic number is 1100.

2. you only submit the first chapter, and then you wait about a month to hear from them. So, in that month, you could write additional chapters if you want to stay ahead.

3. you can make your own cover photos, but they have generic ones to choose from until you can replace it. You can change your cover photo at any time after it is accepted.

4. Getting accepted isn't too difficult, so you should have more faith! Even if you are put into the "maybe" pile, you'd be listed as an "aspiring jukepop author" and people could endorse you into the site. I've helped put two authors in that way. As for readers, you might get a few, but i wouldn't count on the jukepop community too much. If you have outside clout, drag them in.

Good luck, and I hope this was helpful :)

Thank you, you were a great help!

I have a serial on JukePop that's pretty popular. I highly recommend the site, they are very helpful. Let me see if I can help...

1) I recommend 1k to 1.5k. I've found that this is what people best digest in one sitting. Too short and people will wait until they build up before they read. Too long and you won't gain as many votes.

2) I wrote the entire first story arc to my serial before I submitted to Jukepop. I firmly believe in having a large buffer between deadline and current part of the story.

3)They have a bunch of generic covers, but most authors make their own or have a friend make it. It's not overly difficult.

4)They take about 40% of all submissions, but most of them fall to the bottom. Either they aren't that good and no one reads/votes, or the writer doesn't promote, and no one reads/votes. You will still have to promote, but JukePop will do so as well. They have tips, and the community is pretty tight. Find some people that know what they're doing, and hit them up for advice. Be nice, give them a nice review or votes, and they'll help you. I've thrown my weight behind quite a few serials that way.

I hope this helps. Jukepop is pretty cool. They actually pay their authors, and they just added a donation option as well.