Accidentally writing something steamy

So, apparently my mind was in the gutter last night, as when I sat down to work on my Umbra rewrite, what came out was a two-paragraph porn. I asked my friend who is into erotic literature, and she said it was pretty good, but I'm not sure if it fits with the attempted ominous feel. Should I leave it in, or remove it?


What do you MEAN that's not a helpful response? Well, alright then. Let me try that again.

I think we'd need to see the context more. Horror and sex can definitely mesh. I mean, it's a cliche in all the slasher movies, right?

It could be meaningless sex, but even having a love-filled sexy moment that jars with the horror could work. In fact, the jarring might make it work even better. Heck, you could refine the paragraphs a little bit and make them scary AND sexy. There are a lot of possibilities, but without context I just can't say.

(And obviously you can't post the scene in question here. Though I have no idea how SFW this board is meant to be? I always say better safe than sorry.)

Oh, yeah, I forgot context. Basically, Claudia goes to interview the head of the school, and on her way out she meets a teacher. They agree to go out, and after she kicks ass and doesn't take names, they hook up before they strike a deal where he will feed her information on the school, since there's, oddly enough, none anywhere.

Ultimately the only important question is "Does it fit the story and the characters?" I don't have any problem with erotica creeping into other fiction, as long as it doesn't start showing up for the sake of adding sex to the story and nothing else. Without having full context I can't really provide more than that, but you should hopefully be able to answer that one important question since it's your character and your story.

Hey, that makes two of us. Just can't pull my mind out of the gutter lately, but I doubt any of that stuff will appear in my serial. It could maybe turn into a donator bonus if someone really wanted it.

...I'll admit I'm scared the erotica would be better than the actual story. I'm pretty good at writing that stuff. I'd rather produce a better story, though. :/

My readers seem to really enjoy having sex scene separated out from the main story as bonus content. That way if you're feeling a little steamy you can indulge yourself, readers who like (or don't mind) erotica can read them at their leisure, and the people who don't want to read the X-rated content can avoid them easily.

In particular, I've found that this means minors can read my main story without having to worry. One thing to think long and hard about (ba-dum tish) is that having explicit scenes in your serial will mean some places won't allow you to host or link your work on their sites, and some of your readers might be completely against erotic material and thus give up on your serial if the explicit scenes are in the main storyline.

Just my two cents based on my own experience.

It's like a lot of things in writing, all about the balance. Tales of MU has always had a liberal dose of it. The protagonist's growth, self discovery and freaky sexcapades were what the story used to drive itself. Okay, that one got run into the ground somewhere in the last seven years, but it wasn't the erotica's fault. I think the story has just been stretched out too much. On the other hand, LKH's Anita Blake series started out as a vampire/werewolf/zombie CSI/PI type thing with hints of romance. It showed a lot of promise and I really enjoyed the first few books. Then the author wrecked her balance. I won't go into detail, but if you go look the series up on Amazon, you can find some great reviews on how not to use erotica in a story.

Whichever way you end up going, make sure it's one you can extend. One lone sex scene might be a little odd but it could also be the trigger for a romantic undercurrent that sets off well against the horror aspects. Or leave it out altogether, horror doesn't have to have it. My only request, if you find that the character's spend more time without clothes than with, make sure it makes sense.