Accidentaly ended up with an odd format and want some thoughts on it.

So I started my webserial back in March and it is chugging along fairly well. However since I have a lot of trouble concentrating on a single thing I have gotten into the habit of writing snippets to distract myself. My snippets have all ended up in the same superhero universe and are marginally connected. It has now become less of a simple distraction and more something I am planing out. Also most of the characters are reoccurring but they are all from different viewpoints. I like this and intend to continue, but I would like to hear others thoughts or advice for this format.

That doesn't sound that odd to me. It just sounds like you've built an ensemble cast of characters, which is something I usually find pretty cool. And heck, lately, my own serial has kinda been developing in that direction.

As long as it doesn't interfere with your main serial, then go for it. But you don't want to overcommit.

Sounds like a good idea to me. When I got really bogged down, just writing a series of chapters from another perspective in the same story was a big relief.

Be careful that it ties somewhat to your main plot, or supplements it in an engaging way. When, even with books, I get to a chapter that doesn't seem to further the main thread I can get impatient (I wanna find out if bob bobson's father is actually his daughters mother's ghost damn it, who is this guy?) it can get in the way of the page-turner feel and result in some frustration.

I'm always more forgiving to serials though, as I think it's healthy for a writer to get a nice brake from those main characters, and as part of the writing process more, it's easier to bear.

Sounds like the kind of thing to go alternate viewpoint with. For a superhero story, the various media you could use for that would be blogs/ webforums of the people as well as of the supers, news articles, reality tv show, youtube clips/shows, ect. If you have a variety of different views and small chunks, use it to build immersion.

Thanks for the advice guys. I've gone all in and called Overwatch and I'm doing my best not to let it interfere with my main serial.