Adding All Posts to Wordpress

I post my book on wordpress and I am having a problem trying to figure out how to put ALL of my posts on the sidebar so people can quickly navigate from Chapter 1 to Chapter 20 or whatever the case may be. Right now it shows recent posts but those recent posts only go to 15 available posts. While my book is only up to 7 posts (7 Chapters) it's not a huge issue now, but it will be. Does anyone have any knowledge on this the'd be willing to share with me? I would greatly appreciate your time in explaining this to me so I can make it easier for my readers. As always, thanks in advance.

I'm pretty sure there's a free-form text block you can put in the sidebar. You could just add a link to it by hand each time you update.


I did pretty much what Chris has suggested until it became unfeasable. There are plug-ins and codes to do things like that manually, but it's easier just to add a link each time.

Chris Clarke put together a plugin that does it. It's called Web Fiction Table of Contents Widget.

It works well. Of course, you won't be able to use it at, but if you've got your own wordpress installation, it should work.

Thanks, I'll look at it tonight and see if I can't figure it out.

Well, i have multiple posts in each chapter, so I make each chapter a category, so it lists in category view.

Something I did was create a "page" in Wordpress for the Episodes, and that is at the top menu bar and also on the home/welcome screen. Now that I have finished 'Book One' I created a sub-page just for that, so that my 'Episodes' page isn't completely spammed out when I start publishing Book Two.