adding story navigation

Not sure if this is the right place to add this (as a new member of a forum, i'm never sure where to add stuff) but I was wondering if anyone can help me with a navigation problem?

My end goal for the is to have individual posts with buttons that say Start from the beginning, Previous Chapter, Previous Post, Next Post, Next Chapter, Latest Post.

But all my previous efforts using the php next post thing hasn't worked.

Is there an easy solution? I'm hoping the answer is a good solid maybe.

Thanks for your time.

the site appears to be wordpress,not sure. If it is,i can copy and paste you my code for next previous post. as far as start from begining, next chapter, previous chapter, those will have to be manual buttons. Maybe come up with the code, then save it on draft post, updating the chapter numbers when you get to new chapters, to copy and past into each post.

Please add specific URLs, too.

You say the PHP stuff hasn't worked, so I assume you've been through the instructions in this post:

I am not at all au fait with PHP, but I did a lot of tweaking on my next/prev links myself, so like Alexander Hollins I can offer you my wordpress code if that is helpful. I have "Start from the Beginning", Prev. Post and Next Post links on my pages.

That said, I suspect it is the next chapter/previous chapter bit which is causing you problems? I am not really sure how you would do that. I have a category for each chapter, but I can't think how you could induce Wordpress to skip to the first post in the next category, because AFAIK categories don't have a "sequence" (unless it's just alphabetical sequence in which case numbering the categories/chapters might work)? The whole "Latest Post" thing seems to me to be much more complicated than it should be, too.

Can't you just direct people back to the ToC if they want to jump a chapter or go to the latest post? :)

I hope this was helpful. :)

ellipsis, you COULD have the links go to the categories set up as chapters, but again, no way to auto numerate the next chapter, youd have to put in the category number manually each time.

Yes, Alexander, that was where I thought the problem might lie.

OP, I didn't look at this in depth, but it might work? as long as you have created your categories/chapters in sequence and you don't have any irrelevant categories in between them...

Ellipsis i'd love that code if you have it. (the code with the start from beginning)

The thing that's been the hardest so far is linking to the latest post (especially since the latest post keeps changing)

You can use wp_query() to get the current article, then output pieces from it.

John, I solved it by just having the first post and latest post in my sidebar. So i have a previous next in the blog, and a first last in the sidebar.

That said.... Comicpress does that, and its a wordpress theme, so I'm sure the code is in comicpress. I'd just need to go hunt it down.

John, the "Start from the Beginning" isn't a code! I mean, I'm sure a workaround exists if you want it to be dynamic, but my first post will never change, so it is literally,

<a href="">Start from the beginning</a>

Would that not work for you? Does your first post change regularly?

No, it would work perfectly ... i just need some code to link to the latest post too. Otherwise it looks a little lopsided.

Ideally i'd like something like at my favorite webcomic. you know jpgs with arrows etc.

The newest button generally links in those cases back to just the domain, since most webcomics have no landing page.