Advanced Wordpress Help (RSS and Subscriptions)

I'm trying to include Rss and Subscribe in the body text of a Wordpress page. There doesn't seem to be much online about how to do it, and what little info I could find was way above my level of techy.

Anyone know how to do this?

I should point out, I'm not talking about putting a widget in a side menu, I specifically want it in the body text.

Never mind.

I was complicating things. It turns out it's as easy as using widgets.

What, you're not going to keep talking to yourself long enough to give us the solution you found? What if someone who doesn't find widgets easy looks up this thread in 6 months? ^.^


The part of Wordpress that has Widgets has options like "include widget in side menu" and "include widget in footer."

Immediately below this it says "include widget in bottom of page."

For anybody who does find this thread and want to add the rss feed as a link, I believe it's as easy as adding /feed to the URL then embedding in that link in the text body as a link. In Chris's case that would make the link:

I should add that's true for wordpress, for other platforms it will likely vary.