Advertising Progress

Hi all,

Just wanted to post to let you know that we've been heavily advertising WFG over the last few days. In fact, in the last week, we've paid for about 100,000 impressions on web comic sites, student forums, and other places people visit. We've had roughly 300 new visitors, all in, from our various ads. Hopefully some of them will become regulars. :-)

Thought you'd like to know.


Thanks Chris!


Do you guys have fliers at all? I'd love to put some fliers up for WFG on the campus at my Community College. I was thinking of doing this for 55 A Day anyway.



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Not yet, but it's on the list.

By way of update, we're up to about 300k impressions, now, and I've lost count of how many new visitors. It's approaching 1000. It's way too early to tell if any of them will stick around, long term, but we have had 7 new members sign up today. If you are reading this and are one of them, welcome! We're glad to have you!

Hooray! The more the merrier, as they say.

Which is true of almost anything, except perhaps when referring to the use of a telephone box.

That's awesome. I'll do what I can to get you some hits from here.

Well WFG is a service that works best with more eyeballs. Which is why most of us who are now in here direct as many people here as we can. It's nice to know that thou folks are working hard on that angle as well.

It would be interesting to see what kind of a community can be built around web fiction. It feels like a thriving ecosystem that just needs a bit more tender loving care.

That's what we're here for right?

...wanna be my webfriend?

someone mentioned on another forum something about a .pdf flyer... i would willingly print and distribute at campuses and libraries and such around here. also contact local mags and papers with a press release / article if one were available from you guys.

yes, this is hardcopy advertising, which could be viewed as not reaching target market. better to advertise to people who are already comfortable with reading online...? i see that, but i also know that the idea of web publishing is still a foreign object to many, if they even recognise that there is an object in the first place.

this may be off the current marketing strategy you have, but either way, i'm mouthing off about you guys - in a good way, of course.

@NiSp Hm, thats actually not a bad idea. I might be able to help from that angle as well.

even better than flyering would be getting a little ad box in campus publications--does anyone have any favors to call in? I'm going to start plugging the guide in the literary groups I help run. Being in charge has advantages like that; misuse is just use if you say so.

And I say so. It's not really a misuse of power anyhow.

By way of update, we've had at least 5000 unique visitors to the site since we opened.

i got no power to either use or misuse, but i have a cricket bat. does that help?

woohoo on the 5000 visitors! am sure you can handle far more, right? :D

Hi all, by way of update, we are currently running only one ad, but are taking some steps to improve our page rank in Google and other search engines. We've had over 10 000 unique visitors to the site -- amounting to nearly 25 000 visits -- since we opened. We currently get approximately 600 unique visitors each week.

Impressive :D


That is impressive. I wish I had better luck advertising -- then again, it's not my best suit. Although, I do gather a lot of my visitors from just talking to people. Maybe I should just open my big mouth more often.

Meanwhile: Good luck! ^^