So, I'm wanting to do a monthly serial where each "volume" (that's what I'm calling them) is downloaded in epub, mobi, or pdf file format for free (don't worry, I'm still putting a crap load of work into Gods). As I was thinking about it, I realized that there's an opportunity for advertising. So, here's my idea: I put a link to your serial at the end of each volume, along with the same thing on the website where I'm hosting the serial, and in turn, you put a link to mine somewhere on your site. Not sure if this will work, but it's not the worst idea I've ever had.

Anybody that's interested, put a link and the summary you would like below. There's a possibility that, later on, I will offer paid options for larger ads (such as full-page ads), but that's probably not happening right now. If it does, I will contact everybody who is interested.

EDIT: The website my serial is being posted on is if you choose to take my offer.

So, I've decided that this is probably a bad idea, so I'm cancelling this serial, and keeping it as a small side project. Sorry.

Hey Alex5927, just out of curiosity, how many projects have you started/stopped since you got into the serialization game?

I'm curious about which part is the bad idea? Monthly updates are what I do (ahem, well, not so much this year) and it's not horrible. The adding advertising at the end may be tricky, though, because different distributors actually restrict that (if you want to post on iTunes, Apple is militantly vigilant against anything that looks like advertising in ebooks. Including posting links to your own website. :-/)

Wildbow: I think seven...I'm very indecisive, and have a tendency to jump around to different ideas very quickly. Most of them I plan on returning to eventually, and this one, I'm staying with, just not necessarily as a serial. That's always been an issue, but recently (with my latest endeavor), I discovered that, if I have a legit person/organization that's counting on me, I am more motivated to stay with it.

Ubersoft: Actually, I got the idea from you. I changed what I was going to call the installments, because they were originally issues, but I was covering myself by changing it to volumes. They were going to be released just on the website I set up, so there wouldn't have been an issue with advertising. The issue was with the plot: it simply wasn't good for a serial. There is nowhere in the plot where it could split. Maybe I'll revive the project later, if the plot changes to allow breaks, but at the moment, it just wouldn't work.

i like the idea, ive done an "anthology" before that was basically a way for several people to advertise other serials to their own readers.