...Also site design.

...Hello, I'm new here and won't go on about that. Like Spotty below, I also seek and beg for people to check my site design- pretty please with cherries and chocolate? A review by Morgan quite rightly pointed out my site was insanely poorly formatted, so I've given it a major overhall- but the site designer keeps bugging up the graphics, so I'm not entirely sure everything's working. Also, just general opinions on accessability would be welcome.

Is that how you spell accessability? Never mind.

The site can be found at:


Anybody who helps out shall have my undying attitude and, if I should somehow bump into them in real life, a free corn muffin.

First up, I'm not a fan of PDF only online books. To the point that I didn't even look at the first chapter (it was blocked by my browser, and I didn't bother with it past that).

I'm all for offering PDF as an option, especially for offline reading, but locking into PDF as the only reading option just doesn't do anything for me.

The image and legal note on the right side of your front page should probably be higher up, in line with your blurb.

The season 1 button also looks wierd next to the other two (it's not quite big enough for the text it's holding).

Your navigation buttons seem to be a little all over the place too, although I'm not quite sure what to suggest here.

Other than that, it doesn't look too bad. Not a site I'd want to spend too long browsing (I suppose the PDF's help here), but not horrible, or anything that would push me away either.

Also, as a little editing note, "Lean a little more about the beautiful city of York and its top-notch University Complex!" should be "Learn a little more about the beautiful city of York and its top-notch University Complex!" on this page.

PS: I'll settle for your gratitude, I get enough attitude from other people ;)

Aaargh, damn typos.

Reyben; like with Spotty, I checked your site out on my Bberry. It looks good and all links function. I can see the images on the webpages, but I cannot open or download the chapters or carachter images. You may want to look into actually posting your writings onto web pages as opposed to making them downloadable only.

Hope this helps.

Is everyone having this PDF problem? I was afraid of that. I'm looking into putting the files up straight, but I've lost all the word-copies and the PDF's corrupt formatting when I try to copy/paste, so that's going to take a while to fix... damn. I hate you, Adobe.

No, you misunderstood me. I didn't even get to the part where I downloaded the PDF's to look at them. I have no idea if they are corrupt or not.

Oh, okay. That's fair enough then. I do think you have a point about my PDF over-reliance... it's like the IT equivalent of laminating, and I don't want to end up as one of those people who compulsively laminates everything. The car, the cradle, the cat...

... Although, a laminated cat would be shiny...


Laminated or not, how do you prefer your cats?

I'm glad you're working on the website, and I'll make sure to update the review when your final design goes through, to reflect the changes. ^^

First off, the biggest problem I noticed when revisiting it was that there's a large bunch of text near the bottom of the page that isn't visible. It starts, "(The Truth Of It)," but I had to highlight it to read it.

I'm a bit different than some of the folks here, and I think that has to do with having a different viewing situation than some (I don't have internet access at home or work, so I can only go online once or twice per week for an hour or two each time). I prefer PDFs for many reasons: you can include graphics in them that might look bad/warped if placed on the webpage, you can use different fonts that some websites might not allow, you can keep a generically unfriendly color combination on the website but still have readable text in your story, you can include sound files, it's easier to read large chunks in PDFs (compared to trying to load a 500+ page 'Season One' website), they take up less pages in your web design, and they're easier for me to save to my hard-drive to read at home. So I'd ask that if you do decide to include episode pages, that you also keep up the PDFs.

Also, not a huge fan of the "City of York" button. In general, buttons should be used sparingly, and it's not neccesary there (or for every sub-header on the cast page, either, really). In general, I like to think that you don't need to remind the audience to wiki something we don't know about. I like to think that we're bright enough to do that on our own, just like we'd look up a term we were unfamiliar with, etc. So the link itself almost seems a little patronizing.

When it comes to the comment area, I'm not a fan of the 'comment here with everything' blog idea. And, since nobody else has commented, I doubt I'm the only one that is overwhelmed with trying to figure out what exactly you want us to write there.

It's all fiction, people. As much as the next one.

Also, I'm fairly...

There needs to be either an indent there, or an extra space between the paragraphs, just to make it look appropriate.

Finally, having white text on a black background can really hurt people's eyes, particularly if they don't have ideal eyesight. I get the feeling you're trying to go for, but perhaps a different color combination would make the pages more accessible while still allowing the mood of Warriors to come across.

Hope that stuff helps.

Thanks for the input Morgan- it certainly does.

That's odd. That 'invisible' text on the bottom of the page was supposed to have been deleted. I'm beginning to think the 350 webpage builder is a trifle unreliable. Or I just don't know how to use it- which may in fact be more likely. Anyway, it's gone now- there wasn't anything important there.

I too prefer PDFs (indeed, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find "Baubles and Broomsticks" using them), and right now it doesn't seem practical to try to put episodes on conventional pages due to their sheer volume- certainly given the website's current format, that might well lead to eye-bleeding. Although I felt having PDF image galleries was a little weird, it was the simplest way to do it. Nevertheless, this is all something I intend to look into when I have time. I might have to invent a time machine first... but rest assured, those PDFs ain't goin' nowhere.

The comment blog was a placeholder (read: awful idea) and has now been replaced by a more conventional email link. 0 posts just looks so depressing, doesn't it?

And you have a point about the Wiki button- I've changed it to a link to the York Tourist Information Website, but that's just out of guilt for all the horrible things I do to the city. I'm considering getting rid of it entirely, what do people think?

Also, opinions on the colour scheme- does anyone have any suggested/preferred colours that would fit with the seriel's general atmosphere but NOT cause retinal damage? Anything except beige. Although I suggest steering away from the colours Orange and Green, which seem to have become fierce points of debate elsewhere on this forum...

Hi Reyben,

For most people, it's not light-on-dark or dark-on-light that is the issue, it's the contrast. Bright white on dark black on a backlit monitor is pretty harsh, because the letters actually glow, compared to the background. Similarly, dark black text on a bright white background on a backlit monitor is nothing like the contrast level you'd get on paper (and is a recipe for eyestrain). I'd recommend you either gray down the white or gray up the black or both, so you get something a little less hard on the eyes.


I have found that the perfect combination may actually be electric green background with neon orange lettering. EVERYONE will love those colors. No, really, TRUST me.

Neither color seems to upset anyone, and what can go wrong by combining them?

And then, THEN ask everyone what they think in a forum. I promise you'll be delighted by the fawning replies.

TRUST me, I say!


Trust me on this one, never trust anyone who says trust me.

I just axed my own argument didn't I...?

On the topic of PDF's vs HTML, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying axe the PDF's, it's a great idea, I need to see if I can get PDF's autogenerated for my own content. But at the same time, ONLY offering PDF's is a recipe for disaster too.

A recipe for disaster, disaster and DOOM! You'll kill us all, you maniac! AAAAAARGH!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, Spotty, you're completely right- but diversification's going to have to wait for a while, 'cause only the pdf's survived one of my computer's many, many psychotic episodes, and copying the text from them to a regular HTML page requires reformatting EVERYTHING. I'll get around to it, but not soon...

You probably already know this -and I'm not sure what 'autogenerate' means in technispeak- but just in case you don't, you mentioned getting PDF content for your own files- do you have Vista? If you do, my condolences, but it does have the advantage of being able to save things directly into PDF format. (I THINK XP could do the same, but I'm not sure). Then you can post the PDFs on an online file-storage site like Fileden and just hyperlink bits of your website to the files directly. Okay, if you did know that already that was a big waste of words, but I feel I should contribute SOMETHING in return for the humongous amount of advice I'm being given- does anyone want a free pen? I've got lots of pens. What, I didn't say I had anything USEFUL to offer.

I've altered the contrast- does that help, or make things duller? Also, I'm not sure about the neon-orange/electric green suggestion. Far be it for me to say, but I've always been wary of people with the word 'Apocalypse,' in their name. Especially when they say "TRUST me" with such uppercase earnestness...

I think the contrast is better. The other thing to mention is that any place you've used bold italics for more than a few words is very hard to read with that font. You should probably just ditch one or both for anything of length.


Right then, I think... pending further objections... I'm ready to call that a wrap.

Obviously, minor modifications will continue, and if possible I'll get around to HTMLing the PDFs [observe as I verb everything in sight]- but that aside, I think I'm fairly happy with the site design. I declare it Alpha Version finished.

I'd like to once again extend multiple thanks to all of you for the generous amounts of advice provided- of all the interweb forums I have encountered (which, granted, has been very few) this has been the most friendly and embracing. Cheers, y'all.

Now. I've re-written parts of the first episode to provide clearer character impressions- not to mention a slightly cooler opening- added image galleries to face-up the cast and just generally made the place navagatable. All the remains is for me to wait for readers and reviews [hint, hint]. No, honestly, if you do read anything, tell me what you think. But regardless, I stand by my earlier promise to everyone who helped- should you track me down in real life, I will buy you a corn muffin. Or a drink. Honestly, whichever you prefer.

Thanks again.


You better not be stalking me now... Although, that drink would be nice.

Alas, my great secret shame is I could never graduate the Stalker's Academy. They said my attention span was far to- oh look, a butterfly...