Amazon Kindle Publishing Contract

Has anyone else read the Amazon kindle self-publishing contract? I'm about to sit down to read it with my contract law book, but if someone else has already done a breakdown I wouldn't mind avoiding the duplication of effort. :)

It's here:

I wouldn't say it's a detailed analysis, but from my own experience with Amazon, its contracts translate to something like "WE WILL BONE YOU"



I would assume the situation is slightly more complex than that, Ryan, or there wouldn't be so many news articles lately about traditional published authors with proven track records deciding to go it alone by selling their work in the kindel store. :)

I was half-joking, M.C. Only half, though -- it's a known fact that Amazon is much, much more generous to big-name authors than small fries.



Stephen C Rose was chatting about using kindle for each chapter, so he has probably done the research. He's at


I remember it being pretty easy to understand. You can withdraw your titles at any time, but they still stay in the members' kindle section of site for people who've already bought them.

If you ever get any sales, they deposit the money directly in your bank account monthly, regardless of amount, it seems, since I keep getting little deposits for like $11.