Anathema is a semi-finalist in Mark Lawrence's SPFBO competition

Back in April, I submitted the first book in my series to the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, a competition run by Mark Lawrence that got a lot of attention last year. 300 self-published Fantasy books were assigned to 10 big Fantasy blogs, who would select their personal favorites of the bunch, and review them. Ranking high in the competition is great for visibility. :)

This year, Mark Lawrence had announced that he'll get the finalists nominated for a Gemmell award. That's a huge deal!

That said, the Bibliosanctum (my assigned blog) has selected Transition, the first in the Anathema series, to be in their personal top 6. Whoa! Those guys only review trad published books under normal circumstances, so they have high standards.

Anyway, I just had to share. I don't think I'll make the finals, but it's amazing that a web serial makes such a prestigious blog's top 6 at all. Here's the blog post:

Congrats, that's amazing. I wish you a tonne of luck, and I won't ever admit to being a little bit jealous.


Thanks! I had to invest so much time (2 years, thousands of hours) and money (I won't even go there) to reach this point. And even now the web serial format (the slow beginning) is proving to be a challenge, because readers expect a book to contain a complete story, not 15% of a 700K word web serial where the best stuff happens in book 2-5. :P

TanaNari did the smart thing by writing separate books from different POVs in the same universe. That's much easier to market than a 700K monster of a story. George R.R. Martin did it, but Game of Thrones was something like 300K words. You can't publish a 300K first novel as an unknown new author, people would assume it was poorly edited and needs to be trimmed, even if all the POVs are essential and start at the critical turning point of their individual stories.

Oh, something else - Patrick Rochefort, you should enter From Winter's Ashes in the next SPFBO. It looks like the competition will keep happening every year. Inkyllama, same thing. You both write Fantasy at a proficiency level that stands good chances of making it far without the years of editing I had to do.

It's unreal how much exposition finalists get. This whole competition is a really big deal.

Ah is teh smurtest!

In all seriousness... yeah, I saw the trap for what it was early. So I followed the path of a man far more clever than I- because if you can't be smart, then imitate those who are.

Seriously though, congrats and a half, and next time this rolls around, I'm applying so hard. In fact, I'd love to know when this thing goes so I can jump in relatively early.

Great work, Chrysalis! Look at you, giving all us serial writers a good name. :D Glad to see your hard work paying off.

Thanks, guys! I'll let you know next year when the SPFBO is happening again. <3

Congratulations! I had a bit of trouble finding the review but that kind of good press is pretty priceless.

Congratulations, Chysalis! *o/*

It's always good to see one of us get ahead. (Also you beat out some darned fine books to make the cut so double congrats).

Thanks! The review hasn't been posted yet. The ones posted so far were 'short' reviews for the books that didn't make the cut. The six books that did make the cut get 'full' reviews, which is taking longer.

Congratulations! That's really impressive. From a selfish POV that is a big flashing sign that says "Go read Anathema, it is probably pretty great", so that's what I'm gonna do.

@Walter thanks! ANy new readers are welcome, just keep in mind that the web version isn't nearly as well edited as the books are. From arc 4 onward the difference is so extreme that a google phrase search wouldn't find any matches between the two.

That's awesome! Congratulations.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, @Chrysalis. Keith had mentioned something about this a while ago, and I'll give it a look as soon as my schedule allows. :)