And Away We Go!

The grand experiment begins!

The eBooks are currently being reviewed at B&N and Amazon. Still have to construct the Smashwords version... but I'm... cautiously optimistic it'll go more smoothly this time around.

Looks good. I like the cover art!

I'll try to read it soon and write a review here. :)

Thanks! Though I haven't submitted it here yet. I figured I'd have to wait till the August issue to do that, in order to comply with WFG's submission guidelines.

Our guidelines are in place to help ensure we don't list stuff that will end pretty much as soon as we list it. We do waive the requirements for authors who have a track-record. Go ahead and submit it.

Sweet! OK, will do.

Yeah - echoing the comment about the cover! I think the cover art works well for the story and the audience you are aiming for. Good luck with the book serial side of it too!