And some more free promotion for you!

Hi there!

I created another promotion page, and this time everybody can join in!

I'm adding an "Introducing..." module, and this is where you come in! Just send me an email (j dot janoda at gmail dot com)

with Squidoo in the title.

Add an introduction to your story (max 750 words), if you have an image, include a link to it (max 100*50 or 50*100 or something in between, just not too big)

Only thing that I ask is that you have at least one review with more than 3 stars. (So at least 3.5). So please include a link to your reviews on wfg.

Fictions will be added on a first come first served basis, roulation will be on monday. Old introductions will be posted on a different page...

Just a little checklist for the email so no-one forgets:

1.Squidoo in the email title

2.Link to your site

3.750 words introduction

4.image to reviews