And thus, Lucy Fer returns!

So, I talked to the girl that had a bitch fit about my serial, I Am the Devil. Actually, she's not that bad, and when she actually sat down and read it without thinking that it was specifically picking on her and her religion, she really liked it. Long story short, she gave me her blessing to continue.

Now, I'm not sure what angle I should take: start from scratch, rewrite it, and retool it into something better than what it was, thus starting the serial over (and making each volume a full-length novel rather than a short novelette), or continue from where I left off. If I go the reboot route, I would probably incorporate some stuff from Umbra (since that was my personal favorite of my serials), and make a book that follows the same basic plot as Umbra. However, that would also mean a ton of extra work. However, if I just continue where I left off, it will stay the same quality, and anyway, nobody even goes to the original site anymore.

So, what seems better: a reboot, or just a continuation?

Leaving aside the amount of work it'd take to either one, what do YOU want to do?

The way you talk about retooling your serial into something better, and incorporating elements from you favorite serial, it sounds to me you want to do the reboot.

I don't really believe in the whole "written in stone" approach some authors take, specially with serials. But that's just me. *shrugs*