Animated scene from my serial

Since Fooled is supposed to be a nod to the Disney tradition, and since artwork plays such a prominent part in my story, I was able to collaborate with some really awesome people on the web to put together an animatic for a scene from chapter three. Those of you who (might? maybe?) read my serial will recognize this from an update a few weeks ago, but I thought it might be interesting to some folks who aren't reading, too, or at least an opportunity to plug the actors who lent their voices to the project. You can check it out here:

I just had to hop into this thread because no one else has posted a reply yet and... why has no one else posted a reply yet? This is so awesome! You just found these voice actors on the internet? Wow. The guy who did the parrot has some serious talent.

Hope you'll do more of these, and maybe an audiobook! it's a refreshing change from reading.

Well, colour me impressed. There was some great pacing there, and there is supposedly professional voice actors worse than those folks.

I now need to add Fooled to my pile of things to read.

I'd be really interested in knowing how you found the voice actors. I've been toying with a project recently that requires some and I'm not sure how to go about looking for them.

Very cool!

Funny, mysterious and sad. That was really good. After you finish the, you should see about setting up some sort of animated webshow.

If you do go that route, I'd suggest that you keep the voice actors, but push them a little harder. They were good for what it was, but it could be better. Also, I like the style. Very Aladdin.

From what I understand, the voice actors were volunteers found on the web, not paid professionals.

i'm glad you guys enjoyed it, I had fun making it. :)

@Chrysalis, thanks for starting the ball rolling!

@SnowyMystic, I hope you do check Fooled out! And now's the perfect time since there's some big stuff coming up pretty soon.

@NaomiL, I found these VAs on the Voice Acting Alliance and Voice Acting Club forums. You just sign up and post your casting call according to the regulations on the site. You have to provide a few audition lines. Then the actors will email you with their auditions. You can also go through demo reels, although I had good luck with just the emails, I'm sure I got around 30, and that was with a tight one-week deadline! They are very professional and reliable, even though they are only "amateurs"!

@t4nky, I'd love to do a webshow but I don't know if that is realistic, working on those storyboards takes a lot of time and energy. I'm sure I can do a few more of these one-shot animatics, though. As Chrysalis said, the voice actors were volunteers so I'm pretty pleased with their performance, although they could probably have done even better if they weren't working in my tight schedule!

For the record, I clicked the link and had a look earlier this week. Seriously impressive - in particular all the art and how it flowed naturally. I always feel like a video medium pulls in more readership than mere text and that's a clever way to do it. Would have never thought of the voice actor thing (I attempted my own vocals at one point; don't ask), though one concern that occurs to me is ending up with different people for the same character. Particularly if some are busier during certain weeks. Was there any particular reason you had the tight deadline?

@mathtans, I tried to do the voiceover for Lucia at first, and never realized I was so monotone! (And rather nasal, oh well.)

For this particular video I was inspired by the storyboard animatics of deleted scenes from Disney movies, where they use stand-in actors (before hiring the real stars) to try out different ideas, which is why I went searching for VAs in the first place. I don't really have much of an intention to switch to solely videos, so I doubt that I will have to find different people for the characters since it's an occasional thing (especially since most of the members of the site are trying to build real-life voice acting careers, and are professional about their reputation).

As far as the deadline goes, for this first one, I had the idea about 2 weeks before the Fooled site went live, and thought I could finish this scene as a preview to share right away, so I wanted the voiceovers done quickly. Wouldn't you know, it took ME forever to finish the art, and it got delayed for several weeks. This time I'm posting the auditions in advance. ;)