Announcement - 2015

So I have ood news that I wanted to share before the holiday season slows things down next week by making us all too busy to hang out here:

As of January 4th I will be the new student minister at Moorefield United Church! Paired with my hours at West Montrose this allows me to go back to school and leave factory work. Once we have our new routine down I will be able to start writing again!

So my resolution for 2015 is the regular writing and participating on WFG. I have to decide what story I want to launch with, hopefully mid January or the beginning of February. But 2015 looks like it will be a very good year!

Oh, cool! Congrats, G.S.! I'm not sure how long you were working towards this, but it's good to see that it paid off. :)

Being in ministry - 10 years to get this far.

Writing again - about 18 months.

Best of luck with both

I look forward to seeing you write again. Hope it goes well next year.