WebLit AntholoZine is a free quarterly anthology of WebLit works. Its purpose is to educate the public on what WebLit is and to promote quality WebLit work. If you publish your literary work on the internet, and you have a website where readers can access this literary work from, you can submit to WebLit! AntholoZine will have 100 pages and will be available in PDF and print formats.

Essays - Complete essays or excerpts will be accepted. Maximum word count is 2,000.

Creative Nonfiction - Complete works or excerpts will be accepted. Maximum word count is 2,000.

Poetry - Complete poems will be accepted. Maximum word count is 500.

Short Fiction - Complete shorts and excerpts will be accepted. Maximum word count is 2,000.

Novels - Excerpts will be accepted. Maximum word count is 2,000.

Serials - Excerpts will be accepted. Maximum word count is 2,000.

A completed serial still counts as a serial. Novels are complete novels that are posted up in one go. (If you want to hash this out, do so in the questions thread.) If you have literature that doesn't fit these categories, please just do your best and we'll see if we can fit you in. There's a questions thread here if you need some additional guidelines.

When it comes to excerpts, try to pick a sample that best represents your body of work or the story that it's taken from. Remember: the importance of this isn't a publication credit. In fact, this isn't really a publication credit considering we're reprinting your work that is already available on the internet. This is a way to pull in new readers for you. Anyone who reads/receives a copy of WebLit AntholoZine will be exposed to your work and find out about your site!

Does your submission fulfill these guidelines? Great! Then please reply here with the following:

1. The name you want your works to be attributed to in the Zine

2. A link to your site (Something central. We'll accept a link to a serial or specific work's site if you like. We can also post a link to a central site AND to the serial site, but we are only posting two links for any accepted submission.)

3. What category this submission is in.

4. A link to your submission as a webpage published by Google Docs. You can learn how to do this here. It's very quick and simple to do, and it means that if your work is accepted we can organize it very easily with Google Docs. Google Docs is very easy to sign up for, and if you already have a Google (the Internet Monopoly) Account then you're pretty much already have Google Docs. Remember that the title of the Google Doc is what we're going to use in the AntholoZine!

That's it! If you have questions, post 'em in the questions thread. This thread is ONLY for submissions. Submissions for the first issue are due October 12th, 2009.

Okaies :) Cause SiR needs more love from the weblit community :D

1. Isa K


3. Serial (the title of this one is <i>Martin Ostrowski's Season in the Red</i> BTW)


Whoa! Thanks for posting this, Sora. For anyone who has AntholoZine questions, the original thread is here:

And the questions thread is on the same board. If you could post submissions in the original thread, we'd really appreciate it. (Sorry Isa K!)

Also, if you're going to be a day or two late, please go ahead and submit anyway! We're low on submissions right now. <3

Deadline has been extended to October 31, 2009!