Any serials powered by blogger?

Just asking since I want to see some examples of that.

One of the 'biggest' is George M. Frost's "The Zombie Knight Saga"

There is "Outliers" by Knifleman

There is "Peter and the Vampires" by Darren Pillsbury, I think it's either finished or abandoned, though.

...I know there has to be a lot of others, but after going through about sixty some odd fictions, I keep seeing a whole lot of Wordpress, lol.

Oh, and because I'm so used to having to shill myself out on places like RRL, now...

A tremendously and awe-inspiringly awesome story by a really humble writer that I'm in no way attached to or biased towards in any way whatsoever...

"The Vorrgistadt Saga" by this charming, wonderful, up-and-coming heart-throb, SovereignofAshes.

Who is this guy?! I hear good things! What's that? He's the next George R.R. Martin? Really?! Wow!

What's that? A 'diamond in the rough'? Did someone say this fiction needs more reviews on WFG?! That the author will give reviews back if given any? Sounds like a pretty swell person.

(Yes, all the exclamation points made me feel like I was reading "Antigua" for those privy to such literary treasures)

*** Correction ***

"Outliers" by Knifleman

Mea culpa Knifleman; please don't knifle me; mea maxima culpa.

all of these bring me hope.

Refuge of Delayed Souls

I LOVE that blogger is free to use and develop. Plus, no adverts! :)

I did my first serial, Orbital Academy, on blogger for a while. It's comparable to Wordpress, I didn't have any complaints. My second (and current) serial I host on Wordpress. Given that I want more control over the look of my site for my next serial, I'm going back and forth on whether to set it up on Blogger or a self-hosted Wordpress distribution.

I'm a new kid on the block and I too host my web serial on Blogger. I update once a week (Saturdays) and I just got started. Hard to find an audience, but I'm hoping my comments sections silence will one day be broken.