Anyone doing Halloween specials??

I'm not, because I'm going crazy as is, but I've heard of a few authors creating Halloween specials for their fans. If you are, what's yours about?? And if not, is it because like me, you're already overloaded?? :)

You mean like trick or treat? :-)

Sounds interesting. But how would that work? Specials for free writing? Or do you mean having Halloween themes in the story?

(Watch out: could be construed as promoting Satanism.)

I didn't think of doing a Halloween special, thanks for the idea! Peacock King's set in a different world but I'm sure I can cook up something as a 'bonus'. Doesn't even have to be in-continuity, that's what specials are for!

Spreadin' the word on this, I know a few other serial authors who'd probably get a kick out of it.

@ Linton - I know some authors who are writing Halloween-themed specials out-of-continuity to give the fans a bit of a laugh, or a special available only to certain people (donaters, people with points, etc). I doubt any of it could be construed as promoting Satanism -- everything that's scary about Halloween has been whitewashed out. Now I take my nephew out and I see a bunch of Power Rangers and movie promotions.

@ Irk -- awesome! Glad to have given you an idea... with a week to spare, no less.

Halloween is like Valentine's day. It's sole purpose is to make money. It may have had different roots, but it's definitely not what it once was.

I was going to do a Halloween special, but I really don't know what to do since Halloween is celebrated in my fantasy world.

I've got a small Samhain arc, but it won't appear online until, uh, sometime around Spring XD

Anyone who construes a Halloween special as promoting Satanism is an idiot. 'Nuff said.

I'm doing one, yes. But it's more of a bonus sillyfic with guest appearances of characters from other serials I read. :)

I really can't wait 'til April - an April's fool one would be awesome!

We're going to do a creepy bonus story instead of Halloween per se. Celebrating the spirit of the holiday, as it were. (And it's my favorite holiday!)

And we've already got a April Fool's Day prank planned. ^_^ Can't wait!

Creepy is the reason for the season, okay. Halloween's my second favorite holiday (after Thanksgiving). They don't celebrate Halloween in Mexico but Halloween is pushing the Day of the Dead out, especially among kids.

One of the writers', I think--does a thing every year where people change their avatars to spooky faces.

Of course, half the stories here are pretty spooky, anyway.

Lighthouse--I was joking about the Satanism thing, a reference to VJchambers getting in trouble for Satan-pimping at her job because of her blog novel. I assumed most here were familiar with it, because the idea of writers getting that sort of real-world trouble over the web fiction is pretty singular--and chilling.

I wasn't aware of that, nor am I familiar with that author (yet). Is there a link? Because that's interesting.

EDIT: nevermind, I found it! Jeez, you go away for a while and you miss the most interesting stuff!

Happy Halloween! ...Part 1. Part 2 gets posted on Friday. Keep your eyes peeled then for some... special guests.

Is anybody following the Strange Little Band / Addergoole / Above Ground / It's All Relative combo crackfic as it progresses from light insanity to deep, soulshaking madness?

Not here.

The serial is currently on break, which came at a great time as we will be moving to new digs so there is little writing but lots of packing.

But it's a neat idea. Maybe next year I'll do a short bonus side-story for Halloween.

I won't be doing a Halloween special for "Madilon", because I'm already in the middle of a story and, well, it doesn't really fit in that universe. But I'll be launching (probably tonight) an additional series about vampires called Hunting Jamie and the story will start during Halloween time and acknowledge that. Doesn't really count as a special though. :)