Anyone doing NaNoWriMo?

I know that this is probably a little late to ask, seeing that this starts on Wednesday, but is anyone else down for NaNoWriMo? I am going to go for it myself, and work on a new project alongside my serial. I would love to be able to connect with a few of you there! (

If you are not participating this year, and have in the past and would like to share your experience, I would be more than happy to read them!

Also, at this point I am starting to suspect that I have an unhealthy attraction to 30 day challenges. Not sure if intervention is needed just yet.

*raises hand* I am! Though I'll probably do about as well as I did last year - which was only about half way. Of course, the story then ended up being the web novel that I just started putting out there this month. Thanks to that, I'm finally a little baby web novel noob, haha. I've done it about five times in the past, but only won once T-T. This year is the first year I have been actively seeking out other writers' company for it though... turns out where I live isn't very helpful for that however XD. I'm looking forward to it though! Breaking the rules (again) and continuing work on the story I am already working on.

What other 30 day challeges have you done, lol? Did you do Inktober?

Oh wow, that is a lot of times :o What made your winning attempt successful? I would be happy to add you as a buddy, I do not know anyone in that community yet.

I did not do inktober, though I may have an itching to do it next year. The last challenge I did was self made:

Have you declared your novel yet?

Haha, yeah. It's quite a lot of fun though life doesn't always lend itself to success. I was in college the year I won and I was always writing in my classes, haha. It was also a story that I wasn't telling myself "Ermergerd! It needs to be perfect!". I think having the time to write and the willingness to just push through and be okay writing pure crap helps, lol If you want you can always go back and edit it afterwards. Stay true to the goal! Haha.

You can find me here: though curiously it no longer registers my win. I think they changed the website or something and something glitched. It's not a big deal though since it's just personal XD. I

did declare, but as I said, I'm working from an already started story, so I'm cheating this year a bit. I don't want to get distracted by other characters atm. :)

Annnd it's already Nov. 1st here so happy NaNoWriMo! XD

And cool! That challenge looks like it was fun! :D

No, I've done so in the past. I stopped participating in 2014 because it kept burning me out and every single story I wrote during NaNo I've ended up hating. Don't get me wrong, I like the challenge but, I just leaves me with story I grow unsatisfied with and keeps me from the actual work I want to be working on. I mean, nothing like spending December, January, and February unable to really write anything. When I can start writing again, I've this lackluster story that I try to edit but really hate so then I just have another novel in the graveyard. Plus, I don't think I'll have time even if I wanted to do it. I'm planning on moving and it's probably going to take most of November to get everything ready to go.

I am hoping that the constant schedule forces me to write through writer's block, so it is good to see that someone else was able to push through.

Awesome! I went ahead and added you :D

Also: That challenge was fun, if not grueling. It helped me to be introduced to a lot of people and I learned a great deal.

Good luck!


That's a shame, but if it is something that has been antithetical to your writing and creative process I can understand why you would avoid it. Plus, moving and writing sounds like an EXTREMELY hard thing to do. Do you normally hate your writing when in the editing stage, or was this something that was specific to NaNoWriMo?


Yay ~ writing friends ~ :D XD

I will say that going into NaNo with a specific goal (like forcing through writer's block) is also a great way to head into it in my experience. Fighting!

Learning is always important - and so is building community, so I'm sure it was worth every ounce of effort! :D


Oh no!

But that does bring a up a good point about it; it's not for everyone, and if you find yourself losing more than you gain, it really is time to stop step away from it. You shouldn't force yourself to continue if you aren't having fun with it, imho.

But yeah... no one needs the extra stress in their lives trying to accomplish too many things at once.


It seems to be something exclusive to NanNo. I think it me just rushing out a novel without a lot of thought of what happens on the pages.

lol I don't even think my annual writing output is 50k words. Mad respect for anyone who manages it.

November is one of the worst months for me to try one of these tasks, so if I did do this sort of challenge, it'd have to be another month. Nonetheless, I am attempting to do a painfully amateur Visual Novel project. I'm sure it won't be as many words, but I'll consider it my months challenge anyway, because I'm pretty sure if I don't finish it within 30 days, I'll lose interest and drop the whole thing! :P

I don't do NaNoWriMo. 3 years of weekly serial updates already infused me with the discipline to write (almost) every day, and there's no way I could manage more than those 500 to 1K words a day. Well, I could, but the result would be just about unreadable.

I think it's a nice opportunity for many other writers out there, though. Plus they can connect and cheer each other on.


It is pretty daunting. I have just broke 50,000 for the year with my serial, doing that in a month is freaking me out.


That sounds very intriguing! Do you have a website for it or any other details?


I think that we serial writers, after posting our work as we go and as clean as humanly possible, are prone to hating rough drafts as a whole, so I can see why you would think the end result would be unreadable. I myself are trying very hard not to read what I have written. Hopefully when I am finished it will be good after the third draft :P

I'll give it a go. I think people are right and the end result will be gibberish, but it could end up being something that can be edited into shape. (Yes, I know that's a crappy username but some sod already swiped BGHilton).

I wanted to do NaNo so hard this year. :(

But I fucked up my schedule back in August and am still stuck with a novella that was meant to be my warm up and needs another 10k words and my current NaNo-Project - which is also last years NaNo-Project - still needs major reworking in the plot departement.

So instead of frantically rewriting 60k in a month and stressing over it I will take it slow, do half that this month, half in december and enjoy the opportunity to get back into writing shape. October worked quite well in that regard - only lost 3 days out of 31 to not-writing.

I wish you best of luck with your NaNovels. :P

That's the thing - if I wrote 2K words a day, the result would be so unreadable that 'editing' would basically be a complete rewrite. I've found clean first drafts to be much more time efficient.

Yeah, I find that really rough first drafts are basically garbage. There's a point where rewriting is better than editing, and for me, that's pretty much anything that's not just a grammatical error or typo. I currently already delete and rewrite paragraphs within chapters that don't work well, and sometimes, that involves deleting everything after that paragraph because the story then goes in a different direction. Doing that for a whole chapter early in a story would make the whole endeavour a huge waste of time.

im trying, but the intent is shorts. specifically the shorts I need to get the ship anthology back on track, and a couple of erotica shorts for my alter ego.


That is my hope as well, if anything it will at least help me get writing more often, which in itself is worth it to me. I am honestly surprised your username was already taken!

Your word count so far is admirable by the way.


I hope that your writing, and editing, goes very well! Thank you for the encouragement :D


I know you have been writing for a while, and doing a serial longer than myself (one that is waaay more successful than mine), so let me ask you this: after writing so cleanly for so long do you think that there is a point where a rough draft will be worth the time?


Good luck sir! Shorts are an admirable thing to write, and I hope that you meet your goals :D

@revfitz: it really depends on what you mean by rough draft.

My very firm writing motto is that 'the first draft ALWAYS sucks'. My writing process involves writing everything by hand and then typing it up on the computer. I find that having the blank space on the computer document allows me to freely change entire sentences while still following the overall plot that occurred in the notebook. Sometimes, however, I deviate from the notebook plot and end up in a completely different spot at the end of the chapter. This is fine because I only go one chapter at a time. My personal nightmare would be to have an entire book written in my notebook because I'd be unable to deviate without wasting tons of work. That being said, scenes I delete do often get recycled in different forms later in my writing, so it's not a complete waste. However, I know I'd end up making compromises in order to stick with the rough draft because I wouldn't want to axe 30 chapters of writing.

That being said, everyone has their own writing style. I do 'exploratory writing' and no planning other than extensive idle daydreaming. Editing makes me bored out of my mind because I already know what happens.

I consider my writing process to be extremely irresponsible, but it works because my main project is extremely irresponsible, hahaha. My secondary project, which I write seriously, has me almost paralyzed from wanting it to be perfect.

The other factor to consider is that I publish each chapter as I write it. Once it's out in the ether, I consider the plot "finalized". After that, I limit myself to reworking word flow and correcting plot inconsistencies. Therefore, I have to write cleanly, as you put it.

The only thing I've written without publishing it as I go was my novella Lonely Light, which is only 5 chapters and a prologue. It was a bit of an aberration because I managed to write it directly on the computer and after it was done, I barely made any changes to it. For something that short (I think it was 30k words), I think it's viable to go straight through because there's a lot less room for the story to deviate. It was the 'cleanest' thing I've ever written, though.

So... yeah. I guess what I want to say is that your rough draft has value if it hammers out your plot. Descriptions, dialogue, poetic imagery, all that can be reworked after, but if the plot changes, it nullifies everything you wrote after that point. However, I do find rewriting rather than staring at awkward paragraphs or sentences to be more effective at fixing everything that's not plot. The way I word things then comes out as an organic whole.


I wouldn't say that your writing process is irresponsible. Writing is a creative endeavor, and creativity and its process works differently for everyone. So long as you are producing consistently, and meeting your deadlines, then it is a responsible practice in my view.

Your secondary project is Eterna's source, yeah?


Good luck on all of your goals this NaNoWriMo! It has been encouraging to add you all on that site, do not hesitate to hit me up if you need a mad cheerleader to pester you to write.