Anyone else get this email from Book Brawl?

Received this on Friday. I'm wondering who else did, and what your thoughts are?

Hi there!

I'm writing to you on behalf of Book Brawl, a revolutionary new web publishing site designed for authors by authors. Our goal is to create a fun new way for authors to attract fans by gamifying reading and publishing.

A key feature of our website will be the weekly "Book Brawl." During this event, we will choose two novels and feature them on our homepage. Readers will then be able to vote for their favorite story. If your story gets chosen, you'll have thousands of readers viewing your story, voting, and galvanizing old and new fans alike. Book Brawl will also offer both readers and authors experience and achievements for interacting on the site ? even allowing users to level up over time!

We have initiated a "soft launch" of the site and are planning to officially go live on January 1, at which point we will start marketing the website in earnest. If you sign up early, this could be a great way to give your story some free exposure.

How does Book Brawl work?

Visit our website and set up your user account. You'll be able to link your social media profiles and personal website.

Create a new book and choose your genre and tags so that readers can find you.

Post chapters of your work.

When you post chapters and users leave reviews, comments, and read your work, you will receive experience and levels - allowing you to show off your writing prowess!

It costs nothing to sign up, and there are no weird scams or publishing gimmicks.

Get started today - and get new readers discovering your stories!


The Book Brawl Team

Haven't received that, but it's a shame so many promotional ideas involve dragging authors into a gladiatorial bloodsport "last man standing" event.


Not a fan of the "brawl" idea. Good luck though.