Anyone familiar with good web hosts?

I already have a site (have had for a long time), but am looking to switch hosts. I'm on godaddy currently, which was recommended to me by my older brother three years ago (it was exceptionally cheap back then, and is much less so now). I've read some worrying things about their business practices and seen their ads now (seriously, guys?), and I've been having <i>major</i> slow-downs with my site on and off the last year.

I'm currently contemplating Hostgator, Dreamhost, and Bluehost.

Does anyone know of any better ones? Or know anything about those that should give me pause?

My requirements are these, by the way:

- At least a couple gigs of diskspace (not a problem with most hosts these days)

- A few dozen gigs of data transfer (again, not a problem with most hosts these days)

- Preferably, many mysql databases

- A TOS that doesn't have vague things like in it like "no obscenity"

- A TOS that doesn't say I can't host multiple sites

- The ability to host multiple domain names with one account

- Linux OS with stuff like php, all the regulars

If the host is also a domain registrar, all the better but not a requirement.

The sites I intend to host are pretty normal... Wordpress, phpBB, and plain old HTML files :)

Avoid Bluehost. I've had bad experiences. They do API-incompatible upgrades of software in the name of security -- but you'll be the one dealing with broken software.

WFG runs on I really like their management setup -- everything is clean and nice and automated. But we did have some slowdowns, not too long ago. They've added additional servers, and it seems to have cleared them up. Still, I can't promise blazing performance, which I'd like to do.

I've had good experiences with Dreamhost. Also, Railsplayground, but Railsplayground is largely oriented toward experimenting with Ruby on Rails. That being said, they provide php/mysql etc...

Jim: I use Dreamhost as well and apart from the occasional bit of downtime they offer a lot for the money. On the flipside, I have a lot of trouble accessing the WFG site and forums, so I wouldn't recommend angryhosting.

Flak: I'd offer you hosting under my account, but it looks like you'd be happier managing it yourself. I respect that. It sounds like Dreamhost would suit all your needs regardless.

Might be I can dig up a promo code to get you a reduced rate as well. Let me check.



Thanks for all the helpful replies, guys! I did a bunch of research last week, actually, but I figured that it's best to see what "real people" have to say about these companies. Dreamhost seems to be getting a lot of support in the various places I've asked... one couple had bad experiences with it two years ago, but that aside I've heard no real complaints from anyone.

@Ryan: thanks - links to them with a special referrer code that gives me a better package for less, I believe ( ). That already seems like a good deal to me. If there's anything better I might be overwhelmed ;)

One more question, which would be if any of you have any experience registering domains through godaddy versus registering them with other people. I don't know if I should transfer my domains along with my sites.

I've had no special problems registering things via Godaddy. Actually, one of my friends had an overall good experience with their technical support. That being said, he found their domain managing tools slightly confusing.

Personally I thought they were okay.

With regards to Dreamhost, a couple years ago, they were growing beyond their ability to cope. They had a lot of downtime as a result. Currently they're in much better shape. That being said, I have had a few recent experiences of extreme slowness with them. Trouble is, I've also had similar experiences with other hosts so that happens everywhere on occasion. You're not going to be able to avoid it.

Flak: Yeah, that deal looks pretty decent if WordPress is what you're gonna be using. Go for it. Just means I won't get those tasty referrer goodies. ;)

My problems with Dreamhost have been few and far-between so I don't really have any reservations about recommending them.



@Ryan: I really appreciate your offer, but as I handle a _lot_ of different pages, and do stuff for friends and family and customers, I think it'd be easier to get "my own" hosting. I think you're doing a good thing for people by making your space available to them, and I wish nothing but good luck for you and them.

Also, my understanding of the Wordpress deal wasn't that I could do nothing besides run Wordpress, but maybe I'm wrong. It would be extremely inconvenient if the plan locked me into one Wordpress install and no other options. I'll need that clarified before I dish out cash.