Anyone in Michigan?

I find my real life will have me in Ann Arbor for the next four weeks. If there are any others in the general area, I'd love to arrange a get-together.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

I'm in Grand Rapids (nearly on the other side of the state). I can't say that I'm up to driving across it, but if you happen to pass through here at some point, let me know. Actually, I think that Morgan O'Friel is here too (though I haven't met her in person).

Hey there! I live in Ypsilanti--literally right next door to Anns' Arbor. Right next to EMU.

I used to live in A2, but my editor and co. bought a house here because it was much cheaper.


If you're interested in a get together, send me an e-mail at my username @ gmail. :)

Wow, I had no idea so many of you lived so close. Yep, I'm in Grand Rapids. A get-together would be really fun, but I don't have a good enough car to make it to that side of the state. ^^;;

Gah. Is anyone in Europe? :P

@amaltia England?

Which leads to the question: do the English eccentricities in my writing get lost on the wider world...? D:

@Miladysa - Yes, England! London, in particular.

@Dary - I didn't notice any English eccentricities, and I'm not actually English, I just live here. But then again I have lived here for a long while now...

Among other things I have a character who is essentially Vic Reeves Junior and recently made subtle references to ex-Formula One commentator Murray Walker XD

England here, smack in the middle of the dull, dull Midlands. Not a native but I've pretty much settled in for the duration. :P



@Winter I'm not a native either! But I don't think many people in London are.

I'm in the wilds of Rossendale, Lancashire.