Anyone Interested in a Unofficial WFG Workshop?

Nothing too formal. I just figured there's a lot of writers on here specifically for serials, so it might be fun.

Personally, I love talking shop and seeing everyone's different take on story problems.

The Plan

Every week after the last topic has run it's course, a new topic gets posted with something like "how would you make a proactively violent protagonist likable?", "what is different about how you plot serials vs how you (would?) plot novels?", or "how do you, personally, write likable antagonists?" (or whatever you guys suggest for the next topic. I suppose I could start making polls.)

*bouncey* I'm kinda excited, but I wanted to make sure you guys like the idea before I get all gung-ho about it. :P

You can give it a shot, if you like. There's also /r/webfiction over on Reddit where writers might want to join in.

Oh right, I forgot about Reddit. Thanks Tartra! <3

Although, WFG seems far more active than /r/webfiction, haha. Still.

I would be interested in this on either location. When do you think the first one will be?

/r webfiction is dead. For getting a discussion going, WFG would be much better methinks.

Sounds cool! I'd be into this. I guess it's just forum topics?

Those kinds of topics would make pretty good fodder for a podcast, too, with guest slots and everything. I wouldn't mind starting one if there were a couple other people to co-host.

Podcast sounds really awesome! I'd be down to co-host! Don't know the logistics of podcasting tho.

I used to do a weekly podcast, it's not that involved. You do a Skype audio call and record it with some software. That's pretty much it. :P

Awesome. Count me in if you're gunning for it.

I'd be interested in doing a discussion or helping out with a podcast.

As long as we have three reasonably talkative people who have time to get together for an hour once a week, we should be able to at least do a pilot episode.

First I'd need a show of hands as to who would want to be involved as what -- regular host, guest, other? I'm guessing zephy is aiming to be a regular. :P

I'd be willing to be a guest/once or twice a month host. I'm a full time copywriter and editor so while talking purely about fiction writing you can definitely find people with more experience, I can help with the technical side, and balancing everything.

Regular for sure. It's an awesome opportunity; of course, I'm the first in line ;)

I would LOVE to do such a workshop. I don't know tha I can promise an hour a week, but I would be more than willing to be an occasional co host? or at least be part of the pilot to see how it works out.

Huh, I just noticed /r Webfiction isn't dead anymore. Interesting. Nice to see the discussion that happened a while back really did get things moving again.

Alrighty, so y'all are pretty interested. :P Awesome. And h-uh, you know, the actual discussion posts do have comments. Haha.

I'll post a topic soon. Either today or tomorrow (currently editing down the latest Rhonda chapter, so it depends on how fast I can get that done.) Glad there's interest. :)

I'm more interested in something less formal and more open, where people can drop in and out at will, rather than a podcast, but more power to you if you wanted to do that, Ryan. I might join occasionally, if you get it up and running, but I wouldn't do anything too regularly. If you need help with anything, feel free to ask, too. I have some experience and I'm sure I'm not the only one here who does. :)

This sounds like heaps of fun. Count me in!

For the podcast, I can't commit to anything regular at this point, plus my timezone is likely to get in the way (thanks, Australia). I'd love to guest sometime. :)

I'm thinking 3 hosts and a guest per episode. I'm guessing that would be me, zephy, and probably a rotating host since there don't seem to be many people who can do it consistently. For the pilot episode, that'll be Alexander, since he offered. ;)

For a pilot episode I would have just be the three of us, and if we decide we want to continue it, we'd start getting guests on.

Kess: The podcast I used to run was with an Australian guy. It's easier to get two or three people together than four, but the timezones are not irreconcilable.

Good to know, Ryan, thanks! Yay. :)