Anyone know any other good websites or forums for sharing webserials?

I love this website, but I've been meaning to expand my reader-base. Is their any other good sites any of you guys/gals know of?

I don't know about good necessarily but other sites include Wattpad, Fictionpress, Jukepop, and Royalroadl. Other members can weigh in more on the details. I've been considering posting my serial on the last only hesitation is about how well it'll fit there, but I think I'll give it a try anyway. The first three sites seem easier to get drowned out on and Jukepop readership seems like it's been suffering over the years.

I know a few places... but you'd be the only superhero/superpower story there.

Honestly, I'd worry about optimizing your website first. I think if you placed a voting button on your sidebar you'd get a lot more votes, and draw more people from topwebfiction. Right now all you have is a text link hidden away on a sub page. Your website is also a little too white. How about some color or images to draw people's attention. You can do a google image search for free to use images.

Also, can I ask how much traffic you get right now?

Generally 30-110 views a day, but I rarely ever get comments so it's quite possible they are all just bots.

Also thanks Kaliedofish!

Oh and good suggestion about images and links Clearmadness. A friend of mine is working on a cover, but until then I should probably find something else.

The obvious choice would be Facebook. If you haven't created a fan page specifically for your novel, I highly suggest you do so. I personally believe there are more people on FB who would be willing to visit your Facebook Page first before going specifically to your blog. You can also solicit numerous book promoting groups there. If you can get them to the Facebook Page, you can link back to your blog from there.

No matter where you promote your work, the 'wait for them to come to you' approach will rarely pan out. You're going to have to take the book to the readers in as many places as you can. It's a lot of hard and tedious work. I try to set aside at least one day a week to 'explore' the internet. But I'll admit, I would much rather spend that time writing... and often do so.

As far as a good place to find free images, I use quite often and place images on every episode of my serial. That way, you can also promote to places like pinterest and the like.

I get more views, but I rarely get comments, either. Some updates go without a single comment despite having been read by a thousand people. If fans don't comment, then a FB discussion group probably won't make a difference. Many readers are just quiet or don't even read comments. Some read from their phone with an app that disables comments by default (or so one reader told me).