Anyone know how to check past TWF list?

Hello webfictionguide community.

I just registered. I'm Eric lee and I have a question and looking for good tips about this site.

I found WFG from

I want to see past list but I couldn't figure out


Is there any way to check past list?

The archives? Of what interval: a particular week or month? Because there's the full past year as an option. How far back are you looking to go?

Thank you. I want to see December 14, 2015 24hours. And could you please teach me how to check particular week and month too?

I don't think it's possible for regular users to see that (the options are limited), but maybe Chris can find out. In the mean time though, are you trying to find a particular serial that was listed on that day? If you describe it, we may be able to help you find it.

Who is Chris? And I lost my chrome bookmark and I want to find out what was on list that day.

And Tartra I can't find archieves of TWF. Can you help me?

There is no way to get the list from a particular day. The data isn't stored that way.


Closest I seem to be able to get is the 31st of 2015:

Chris I need your help.

I'm trying to get a message to Tartra but I cannot figure out how to do so.

And I don't know how to reply on comment either.

Is it impossible to contact members on this site?

There is no private message feature right now :(

Have you looked for contact info on Tartra's serial site?

Hey, leric. I have no idea about the archives. I'm not the person to ask. Good luck!

leric: Note the response by Chris Poirier up the page before your most recent comment. He's the person who created (as in programmed) both Top Web Fiction and Web Fiction Guide. He said that there was no way to check the archives, and he's the person who would know best. There are no archives. TWF was not designed to include the capacity to do that.

Your best bet is to follow Wildbow's suggestion and use the Web Archives. If the date is not there (and it isn't), there is no record of what happened on the date you care about.