Anyone know what this is?

So I recently got a hit from a site called fliphtml5. I was curious and I navigated the link from my stats page, but it dropped me onto the home page, which says it is a tool for turning PDFs into "HTML5 flipbooks."

It doesn't really say anything that I could find about doing stuff to web pages.

On my stats page, the URL I got a hit from was but this doesn't lead to anything, just the home page. Reading more into it, I was a little worried, because this website talks about monetizing the content put on it, which led me to a bit of paranoia about other people making money off my work.

But if it links back to my site then I guess it can't be too nefarious?

Does anyone have any experience with this service? Is it benign? After the initial anxiety I figure it must have been a reader putting the story in a format they prefer to read it in, but I don't really know. Should I contact the site?

I get referrals from there, and a few other sites that look really similar, a couple times a week or so. Since I couldn't find any traces of my actual content being recreated/reposted on the sites, I decided not to worry about it. ^_^

If you do contact them and find out anything interesting, be sure to let us all know! I bet I'm not the only other person that gets traffic from there

Yeah after my initial quiet freakout about it I figured it's just a way to put the words into a more convenient format for private use. I spent most of my childhood reading text on the web so reading a novel on a blog is easy for me, but that's not everyone. But if someone around here's had more experience with it I'd definitely want to know just to be sure. Thanks for your response Oni!

A lot of these mystery hits are actually spam aimed at small website owners who watch their traffic, baiting them to visit the page and look at whatever it is they're selling. It wouldn't surprise me if that's the case here as well.

That didn't occur to me, but it makes a lot of sense. I guess, mission accomplished, I looked at their page.