Anyone published on

I just noticed this site being mentioned on Reddit and just checked it out. It monetizes chapters with video ads similar to free app games and also has an on-site currency for donations, two revenue streams that I always thought would be good for webserial publishing sites.

Anyone already on there and able to comment on how the site is for ease of use, getting readers, earning money, etc.?

...Ok, that discussion is from a year ago... How's the site doing now? Is it out of the danger zone for failing?

It wasn't failing a year ago... it was already pretty established at that point, from what I gathered. Details in the thread :)

I honestly don't think the situation is significantly different now.

I used Tapas for a while. I just pulled my web serial from it, actually. Their system lets you unlock ad revenue at 100 subscribers and tipping at 250. I'd say they're established as a webcomic host, and less so (but getting there) as a novel host.

I pulled my serial from the platform because it just wasn't worth the time. There are issues copy + pasting your work (you lose all the italics, there are no line break options, and it copies hyphenations between words that you'll have to delete). They also have a 15,000 character limit for each chapter, which meant that most of my chapters got split into two "episodes". After all the manual work of re-inserting italics and fixing this and that, I would get maybe two views per update. And this is coming from a serial that got a visibility boost during the first couple of weeks thanks to editors' pick.

If you go on the Tapas app, you'll see scrolling down the front page that it is covered with premium, pay-to-read content. All of the 'community works' are squashed into a couple of text links at the very bottom. It's been this way for awhile.

Money-wise, a community novel with 50 subscribers is something special, and 100 is phenomenal. 100 is enough to unlock ad revenue...which I've read from forum threads makes you 20 cents a month. You'll need to make $25 to be able to cash out.

Thanks! That's super helpful. Sounds like something I might try if I'm bored and have lots of free time but not anything I'd switch to as my primary forum for publishing online.

Helpful indeed, I'd heard different numbers before, but I trust yours more. Thanks for sharing!

No problem, glad it helped.

FWIW, Tapas (formerly Tapastic) originally started as a site for webcomics, and have since expanded. I have absolutely no data on how much audience crossover there is for the serial aspect, but that might be something to keep in mind. I can say that I've been publishing my Personified Math webcomic on the site for a year now. I have 9 subscribers in that time. I need 25 subscribers to unlock the very first milestone, and as Teowi said, you need to get something like four times that to reach revenue, so I have no data there either.

Granted, low numbers is par for the course with me, but from what I've heard, your best way to promote growth on Tapas is to be involved in their Forums. (I didn't really have the time to invest there, plus I only tend to speak up in forums if I think I might have something new/different to offer. Hence this post?)